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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

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  1. Dark Ballet definitely matches up more with the album trailer than any of the other songs.
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  2. It’s a beautiful mess
    But I’m not concerned etc.
  3. 100% right about Justify My was a big deal at the time how different it was.
  4. RJF


    I don't even find this to be particularly """experimental""" in the slightest. It's a bunch of clichés strung together with obnoxiously glitched vocals and... that's about it. It barely even qualifies as an interlude.
  5. In terms of ~experimental~ or unconventional M songs, this is second really only to Mer Girl in my opinion
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  6. The spoken part of Dark Ballet is 100% just Nadya Ginsburg, down to the instrumental.
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  7. Album recap

    - I Don't Search I Find
    and God Control have been described as old-school and nostalgic disco songs and have been compared to house elements of songs like Deeper and Deeper and Vogue. Apparently, bangers of the album. God Control features gunshots and Tiffin Children’s Choir, also piano and vocoders.
    - Extreme Occident and Looking For Mercy are ballads.
    - Crazy (Portuguese and English) has been described as r'n'b pop and similar to Crave. Features accordion. One critic defined it as a filler and said it could have been made by anyone.
    - Bitch I'm Loca (Spanish and English) and Faz Gostoso (Portuguese) are reggaeton. Hypnotic.
    - Come Alive is another song with Tiffin Children’s Choir. It has African elements (kuduro).
    - Batuka could be tribal type of song. Described as hip hop groove with African chants and evokes Brazil’s late-1960s tropicalia movement.
    - Killers Who Are Partying starts with guitar (flamenco). Probably a disco song, but not sure.
  8. I still can’t believe she’s actually doing a tropicalia-adjacent song and I’m super curious about it
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  9. The full music video is just insanely amazing! She’s in it herself for about 4 seconds but it’s a pure work of art. The song itself is even more powerful and there are added sound effects and a few spoken word additions, such as “The Lord’s Prayer” spoken by M, as a sort of interlude and it seems like the piano interlude is extended slightly and more twisted. It’s truly AMAZING! Visually, thematically and a real trip. Hot damn she is on fire!!!
  10. Weirdest Madonna song for me is still Mother & Father. It took me ages to finally warm to it but I love it now. The squeaky baby vocals and the chainsaw synths at the end make my ears hurt if I have the volume up too high.
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  11. Is the full video out already ?

    Edit: it is. are we allowed to link it here or no ?
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  12. It’s also up for sale on iTunes as soon as the clock strikes midnight in your respective time zone! So half the world has it by now, or could access it! It’s a gorgeous video and Mykki is amazing in it! Kudos for M’s bravery and fearlessness and Emmanuel Adjei’s vision!
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  13. Madonna reciting The Lords Prayer?

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  14. Dddddd tea but I still love her Catholicism references and obsession with that imagery. I have a similar fascination with it as someone who was also raised Catholic and has since...distanced myself from the church; it really does stay with you
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  15. Just wait till you see and hear it in context of the music video, I wish it was part of the album version of the song!
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  16. It's five minutes since we had it in the bloody Medellin video and ten minutes since Girl Gone Wild.
    There are nods to the past and there's bloody upcycling. Come on mama at least give us some Hebrew or Elvish or something mrs.
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  17. The video is really incredible. The imagery is stunning and kinda sinister. Reminds me a little of Floria Sigismondi when she did Marilyn Manson's videos.

    Initially I was kinda down on the idea of Madonna not being the focus of the video but what they've done with Mykki Blanco is really beautiful.

    Probably one of her best videos in recent memory to be honest.
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  18. She ain’t Enya
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  19. Floria's work with Marilyn Manson has produced some of my absolute favourite music videos so this has me excited no w to see it, even though the Catholicism/Lords Prayer is getting a bit repetitive now
  20. I fucking love 'Dark Ballet'.
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