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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

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  1. found a link to the Dark Ballet video

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  2. Upcycling prayer is not applicable to Catholicism. Generally it’s quite repetitive.
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  3. ddd I'm Catholic. Peace be with you bab.
  4. RJF


    I don't know; the political tracks just haven't really resonated with me so far. They feel like rather cold and not particularly clever checklists of condemnation rather than something that she connects with on an emotional level. Like, I don't doubt she feels outrage (I don't ever doubt Madonna's heart in terms of being on the right side of history.) but I'm not sure she's articulating it in a particularly exciting way. This happens in interviews too these days when I think she gets caught up in the grandeur of the vocabulary of it all. Freedom fighter, liberties being stolen, revolution etc. It feels just a little bit mechanical. But then maybe it's to be expected from someone whose status and lifestyle perhaps puts her even further back from the frontline than the rest of us. A lot of artists who are (relatively) similarly wealthy don't feel as removed when moving in these circles though.

    "Crave" and to a lesser extent, "Medellín" both hit so well because I feel them. There's a story in what she's singing and how she's singing it. The rest so far have just felt like acknowledgements of how horribly fucked up our world is at the moment but with no real commentary or... camaraderie in it. I don't know. "Future" had these same problems for me too. It, "Dark Ballet" and even "I Rise" to a point just feel a little redundant. I know the world is shit. I don't want someone just to list why and fuck off. I want someone to sit and despair about it with me for a bit then squeeze my hand or smash a few plates with me.
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  5. Oh wow the “Dark Ballet” video was moving. The fact it’s probably one of her best videos ever and she’s virtually a non entity...
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  6. For Madonna sis
  7. Although I like Future because it's interesting musically, I do kind of agree with this critique and I think it was entirely predictable when we heard that a large chunk of the album would be big picture political. And I agree with the same critique for the spoken word portion of Dark Ballet. But I think the two verses feel pretty personal and easily related to her circumstances. I take it more as a defense of the way she presents herself/who she is. Of course, the "Cause your world" part undermines this a bit, but still.
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  8. Also I think the video is fine to be linked. There’s no download or anything.

  9. No shade but I feel like she’s been like this for years. The NYTimes profile, for all its problems, kinda rang true in that way.
  10. Very well put, I always enjoy reading your posts! You always seem to articulate your feelings very well without coming across as condescending to others or obnoxious as so many other posters do. I always get the feeling they come from a very real and genuine place.
    I know it's almost a prerequisite for every pop star to be "woke" these days, but my favourite M music was always her more personal songs. I appreciate her more political/social leaning sings but, as you said, Medellín and Crave have made a much more stronger impact because I feel the genuine emotion behind them. Future and Dark Ballet can come across as self-aggrandizingly preachy and smug to the general public.
    My husband's reaction to Dark Ballet was almost painful to watch
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    I mean, tea, but it becomes more prominent when it's being used directly as inspiration for music, where she doesn't have the comfort of an interview where she can kind of waffle on for a few sentences and feel her way towards the answer she's fully capable of giving. Putting it into a song is a far less forgiving method of sharing your opinions on the politics and state of the world.
    Yes, I am a kind soul who never does any of those things above, thank you. x
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  12. I feel like I can't really critique the video after watching it because points were made and I respect that and I'm grateful for her.
  13. I don't know what to think about the song or video... it's a lot to take in and I need to process. But I'm glad she decided to foreground a black queer person. She put her money where her mouth is.
  14. They are so naive
    They think we are not aware of their crimes
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  15. I just got this email

    Dear Madonna Fans:

    Madonna will be holding an exclusive one-off event hosted by Graham Norton for her fans in London on 13th June at Alexandra Palace Theatre to celebrate the release of her brand new album, MADAME X.

    Madonna and Graham will go in-depth about the creation of the album & Madonna will be taking questions from the audience about the music.

    Attached Files:

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  16. I just wrote a little essay detailing my issues thus far with the Madame X campaign and what we're hearing the album entails, but since A) we haven't heard it ourselves yet, and B) I don't really want 45 notifications of people dragging me for criticizing her, I decided to delete that and just say this: the problem with political Madonna is when she tries to really go there she shows she's not the most equipped for it and when she doesn't really go for it it can come across opportunistic. I Rise being the great example. That song is standard self perseverance. The lyrics are, quite frankly, incredibly banal. Throwing Eliza Gonzalez's speech on top of it didn't make it any deeper. What it did was make it seem like she wanted it to come across as deep and important without actually writing anything important. That is one (of my several) fears about the album as a whole.
  17. Still waiting to hear all these songs - have only listened to the first single, roll on next Friday.

    I wonder what's the reason for releasing so many songs in such a short period before the album comes out. She really is churning the songs out early. It's not usual is it?
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  18. Considering her choice to put someone else in the spotlight with this video (particularly a queer black person), I’m guessing she’s not necessarily singing from her point of view, which completely flips the song and whatever ~preachy meaning that could have been read from it, like that Supreme hoodie line makes a lot more sense from this angle. I was not prepared.
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  19. Dark Ballet is kind of fantastic. The latter half especially. More an interlude than a song, but certainly my second favourite thing from this campaign now after Medellín, which makes me ridiculously stoked for the other Mirwais stuff.

    I don't feel it's that demented either. Definitely out there, but not as ludicrous (or embarrassing) as Gang Bang, for instance. It's just right - kind of mad but superbly executed.

    It was the label's idea apparently, not hers
  20. I'm just resigned to the reality that while there will probably be a good political lyric or two, she's not going to say anything insightful and that the political message will be clunky and simplistic. I'm really just excited for this album on a sonic level and for the few moments of great insight it will probably offer.
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