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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. The video is basically a Madonna concert interlude video and that is a great thing since they are always amazing. It would have been interesting with a little more radical theme though. Especially the spoken part of the song that was included in the Eurovision performance feels perfect for a revolutionary scenario. I’m thinking something along the lines of V for Vendetta would have been amazing. The song itself is good but a bit too fragmented. But I really appreciate that she went for something different with this song. The vocoder sounding part and the spoken bits are the best parts of the song.
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  2. It’s a pretty common industry tactic for a while now. I guess it feels newer for her since the last album wasn’t an ideal situation and the album before that was in 2012, a year before instant grats really became the norm.
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  3. My god the video is stunning. The song is stunning. Madame X is a stunning era.
  4. Video already released in my country! There are some things I don't like, such as the fast editing and repetitive shots, but in general terms, I'm absolutely fascinated and I'm gonna watch this 100 times more than Crave video.

    What a surprise to have Mykki in here. I was ready for a featuring of her in next Blanco's album, but this has been way better. Love it!
  5. I still watch the "Crave" video all the time.
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  6. New peak for Medellin on Spotify Italy
    134 (+7 ) Italy
  7. As much as I love that she still wants to make statements and will never doubt her passion for what she believes in, she’s pretty much always been far better at articulating and executing more intimate/personal material than when she tries to tackle The Big Issues.

    Dark Ballet is a weird one because it feels like it’s more...existential? abstract? than out-and-out political, for the most part
  8. It's a bit try hard, but the video is absolutely stunning visually and elevates the song. It might be her most content-packed ever.
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  9. Sorry to side step, but did we see Harvey Weinstein’s response to Madonna’s quote about him?

    I can’t help but scream.
  10. Yas @ Turn Up the Radio getting that promo.
  11. Just watched the video and it’s honestly the most...moved I’ve been by a Madonna visual in a while. It’s gorgeous.
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  12. Dark Ballet defied my expectations a bitsy. I wasn’t expecting... that. First listen I wanted it to go on for another minute, but after further listens I really love it for the kooky little thing it is.

    I completely agree that M isn’t always the best equipped to do politics, and yes, the lyrics to I Rise are definitely banal. But for me, there are enough other moving parts in the faux political songs (and era overall) to balance out that sort of thing.
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  13. What I do love about Madonna projects is that after living with them for some time, I always manage to assign some semblance of sense to them. I take something from the pieces she has curated and make my own emotional, artistic and societal connects and commentary. She’s often been ahead of the curve with her album projects because her overarching narrative is often alluded to rather than being completely in your face. The same with the song writing in many ways. I think that comes from being a visual artist at heart. Good modern film and tv making employs the same tactics. It doesn’t tell you how to feel by using typical musical and camera techniques, it leaves space for you to think. I think In the last decade she’s been more obvious in her songwriting a bit more like 80’s film making. I’ve always preferred a more 70’s singer songwriter approach where the mood is captured in vignettes rather than being so narrated or dictated to. Her story telling has become less elegant in some ways.
    Medellin and Crave recapture some of the emotion of yesteryear (which I actually think a lot of those “Leonard” fanatics are alluding to), even though both songs are ...well ...narrated nostalgia. Crave is most certainly about her craving something from her past. Madonna was always a feeling and not a script or “agenda direct”.
    Largely I’m hoping for that reconnect more than anything else in Madame X and I’m confident there are signs of this ahead...but I do think we’ll have to see past the bumper sticker “live laugh love” on brand political virtue signaling at points
  14. The video is incredibly moving and powerful.
  15. RJF


    Okay, the video for "Dark Ballet" is a shoot and ten times more nuanced than the song.
  16. It makes up for the Killers lyrics a bit, a bit being the key word.
  17. I'm fine with I Rise being a little generic lyric-wise because Dark Ballet and (allegedly) Killers that are Partying are very plainspoken and considering it's the last track on the album, I think it sets the right note for it.
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