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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. RJF


    Eh, I don't entirely agree with this. I think the song does a good job at making it fairly ambiguous as to what she's craving. Sure, there are a couple of plain references to wanting someone in the chorus, but around that you also have a longing for home, for the familiar, for the person she thinks she used to be but realises she still is. I think it's more about feeling disorientated in a foreign land and reaching for control and comfort. But then that's just one take; the song offers many. Which is why it remains the best song we've heard so far.

    "Medellín" is a little more straight-forward, but it's so joyous and wistful that I just want to take it at face value for the sun drenched daydream it is.
  2. Just watched the Dark Ballet video. Um??? Stunning. Loved Mykki’s quote at the end.
  3. Dark Ballet reminds me of The Dreaming.

    I think it’s brilliant.
  4. I'm not enjoying Dark Ballet (the song) but I do think the video is rather excellent for the most part.
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  5. I initially wondered if Crave wasn't about what was happening with Rocco in 2016/17 - "I'm tired of being far away from home, far from what can help, far from where its safe, hope its not too late" but the rest of the song doesn't quite match up to that.
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  6. I'm waiting and hesitating til 9pm .... can't wait to blow this one up on my speakers from what I have heard from the snippet.
  7. The fact that he 100% wrote Justify My Love and his lawyer probably changed it to “justify my terrific feelings” is hilarious to me.
  8. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    Dark Ballet is fantastic. I don't even mind the weird tinny vocals, they convey a sense of wrongness before the song goes full-on horror with its second half. It actually reminds me a lot of Hello Earth by Kate Bush with the way it sounds like two different songs fighting against each other.
  9. Wow the video for Dark Ballet is very powerful and quite haunting. You can knock Madonna for many things but her creativity always shines through. Plus the fact that she chose a queer person of colour to showcase rather than herself tells me that she is (slowly) learning so that's nice. As far as the song itself goes....I think I prefer it simply as a spoken interlude during Eurovision (which is the best part of it anyway).
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  10. I Rise is definitely banal as fuck to me. It’s whatever, though... I don’t hate it. But if she’s going to go ~political~, I’d prefer she make it borderline psychotic - Dark Ballet ticks that box for me, thankfully.

    I’ll take “what the fuck?” over boring any day.
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  11. I... Just don't get these new songs. I feel like if anyone else were releasing this material people would be slating it but as its Madonna there's this blinkered, somewhat skewed appraisal being given. All I'm hearing is odd, somewhat interesting tunes with pretty bad vocals and tired auto tuning.

    I've said before, I will listen to the album in full upon release and try and embrace and enjoy it but so far, as individual songs, none of this excites me at all. I'm struggling to understand why some are so hyped for this... What am I missing?
  12. That isn’t what’s happening, but okay
  13. Two words.
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  14. Well, Dark Ballet isn't going to get repeated spins from me. The video was nicely done though.
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  15. "I don't like this music so y'all must be faking it!"
  16. Fandom?
  17. "See, that's why I want my radio on. Those girls annoy me.It's Donna imitating Belinda Carlisle" (eye roll).
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  18. Faz Gostoso is definitely not reggaeton.
  19. A lot, it seems.

    I’ve never understood why it’s so hard for others to grasp that some people, maybe even a majority, might genuinely enjoy something and that it’s not some forced act of blind stanning just because you don’t feel the same way.
  20. nñn I’m not saying a thing.
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