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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. I Don't Search I Find reminds me of some unreleased tracks from the Erotica sessions. I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not, it's a bit random and sketchlike. Definitely borrows heavily from Vogue.
  2. Well, congratulations M team. The weekend has passed, the album is oficially out in NZ in about 74h, and two low LQ tracks plus snippets from fans.
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  3. Her speaking voice on “I Don’t Search I Find” is pure early 90s Madonna huskiness, to the point it’s actually a little overwhelming. It genuinely sounds like an unearthed demo turned into a dub mix. Even the writing style is very Erotica.
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  4. Yeah, I keep refreshing this thread and Madonna VK Group just in case album leakage.

    Excited to hear it in full.
  5. I caved in and yes, IDSIF even in LQ is such a trance moment. That melody in repeat - all over my head. The addition of Mirwais glitches as a light touch, the spoken word. I don't see how Crazy gets to be called the most Madonna song of the album if we have this.

    I'm tempted to go to Mediamarkt today ddddd
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  6. Guy probably had the label call and tell them to take it off shelves by now
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  7. Agree. It was unnecessary.

    Yeah, it is cute, but that's it.
    Sounds like some updated 90s house demo. Repetitive.
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  9. That's the thing - sometimes I wish these reviewers felt the need to properly explain their rating. She explicitly criticized one song (the one song that's been getting routinely singled out for criticism), but otherwise it IS, as you said, a nice little review. So why 3/5?
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  10. These reviews sound all the same with the usage of the word "bizarre" , but I honestly think that this is a more positive review than say, the guardian. Either that or she didn't delve it enough on the reasons, like the user above said.
  11. There's a magazine called HotPress in Ireland that properly goes into why they give the score that they give. However, it's a very indie-oriented publication that has never been kind to Madonna or to pop artists in general. I don't really read the Irish Times or check out their reviews on other albums so I'm not sure if this their normal way of reviewing albums. But yeah, if they give a 3/5 then I wish we could know a bit more about why the reviewer gave that score. But it's nice to get a positive review where the reviewer for once doesn't mention her age and chooses instead to focus on the album itself and the music.
  12. Genuine question: why is the score important? Metacritic? If the reviewer does a good job of describing the music and what they liked/didn't like about it, what difference does a number make?
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  13. It’s interesting to observe, right? I think we all have a misunderstanding of what 3/5 means...It’s a good grade.

    I guess it all depends upon how the critic has treated other albums. Perhaps in this case, the same reviewer has only ever given 4 stars to a very select group of albums, like The White Album, Exile On Main St, Nebraska, Thriller, Like A Prayer and Sign of the Times.

    On the other hand, if the album gets 3/5 and the critic gave the last Spice Girls and Girls Aloud albums 4/5 and thought the Macarena and Ace of Base were the greatest musical acts of all time, that’s problematic.

    Funniest thing about it all is that seeking other people’s opinions as validation of how much we appreciate something ourselves is sort of the very opposite of all things Madonna-related! And yet we all live for a stellar era of critical acclaim, most probably out of nostalgia. It doesn’t even feel like anyone’s opinion matters anymore! It’s forgotten a week later!
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  14. Excuse me but the Spice Girls shade is not necessary.

    Also, Thriller is not in the same league as The White Album, Like A Prayer and Sign O The Times.
  15. Curiosity I guess. To me a good review is a good review which this one is. I think maybe for alot of fans they probably would just like to know what the reviewer thought didn't work or didn't like to give the 3/5 score some context. The overall review is in praise of the album, it's direction, innovation etc... so some people may wonder why not a 4/5 then? But as another poster said, I guess it all depends on the reviewer and their past reviews for context.
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  16. I assume Metacritic, but they don’t count every review for their ratings, so.
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  17. 3/5 is 60/100. Which is slightly above average. I think a 3/5 review basically acknowledges that effort has been put it and that the album hasn’t been phoned in, the reviewer isn’t wholly moved by the experience / has limited replay value for them personally / take a couple of tracks and run, but that it probably worth a purchase.
    4/5 is something you should defo have in your collection and
    5/5 is saying this is an among said artists finest work.

    When people listen to Madonna’s work I imagine some are measuring it against her own discography and some are measuring it against music releases in general.
  18. The only problematic thing is your snobbery to two of the greatest girl groups.
  19. Spice Girls shade?! During PRIDE MONTH?!

    People did not DIE at Stonewall for you to do this.

    [insert derrick barry gif]
  20. It’s not my opinion, but that is yours, and thanks for sharing it. I just took a cross sectional of more universally critically acclaimed albums. It was just a logical approach to making a point.

    Re: Spice Girls, I’m sorry it offended you. Further testament to how personal
    these matters are.
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