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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. This is the OG “Back That Up”

    New version is a lot better
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  2. Did anyone get an email from Apple Music about Madame X and 4 months of Amazon Music Unlimited free?
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  3. OF COURSE Uncut doesn't like it

    What does Madame X, her 14th album, add to the Madonna story? A relocation to Lisbon, a rekindled love of Latin musics,and, on “Killers Who Are Partying”, a new identification with the wretched of the Earth: “I’ll be Africa, if Africa is shot down…”. For all its excursions into dancehall and fado, it’s no advance on 2014’s Rebel Heart: there’s the same sense of chasing trends and an increasingly cringey woke turn – on the portentous, batshit “Dark Ballet” she berates the sheeple of the west: “Can’t you hear outside of your Supreme hoodies?/The wind is beginning to howl.” It howls for thee, Madge.

    5 out of 10
  4. LiK


    Totally! This sounds like it could be from their Hard Candy sessions. It lacks the urgency of the album version. It's not bad though.
  5. Maybe it never got past the demo stage during the Rebel Heart sessions.
  6. This is such a lazy review.
  7. I hate when people that think they are clever...are not. Lazy doesn't begin to describe that review. What trend is she supposedly chasing with this album?
  8. Miles (away) better. I'm so impressed with all of these bonus tracks.
  9. So will HMV have the deluxe album with the bonus tracks does anybody know?
  10. Yeah I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a cute lil’ iTunes EP or something for the bonus tracks. I’m dying to hear them though. I always loved ‘Back That Up’ ddd I’m glad she revived it.
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  11. I mean I’m sure they’ll be everywhere online within a week or two, but I suppose for iTunes purity sake that would be nice. I’ve heard good things, too.
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  12. I think the HMV version is just the “regular” 15 track deluxe version with the blonde cover, whereas the 3 extra bonus tracks are on a second disk (in the box set version and the 2 disk deluxe guitar cover version)
  13. Listened to the 3 extra-deluxe tracks and... they're fine. A nice encore moment, I suppose. Not sure I'll be returning to them that often.

    Very happy with the songs she selected for the full album - I think they're the best of the bunch, & I'm happy with my 15 track version.
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  14. Same - I think Fuana is my fave out of the three because it's sweet and the tributes are nice. Very poignant. Especially when she mentions Prince.
  15. So it leaked in HQ? I'm not going to bother, I can manage today, got her back catalogue on shuffle.
  16. I like the Tracey Young mix of I Rise, i hope they release with the other Medellin remixes.
  17. It has? The bonus tracks were still 160kbps...
  18. My memory isn't the best, but is it just me or do the press always come out with these 'Madonna is irrelevant' narratives right at the point a new album is released ?

    This latest one by the Financial Times posits she's past it because her Instagram following isn't the same as Ariana's - I mean just how lazy a theory is that ?

    A cursory glance at some Instagram user age demo stats explains exactly why Madonna doesn't have as many followers:
    • Ages 13–17: 57 million (7%)
    • Ages 18–24: 270 million (32%)
    • Ages 25–34: 270 million (32%)
    • Ages 35–44: 131 million (15%)
    • Ages 45–54: 68 million (8%)
    • Ages 55–64: 30 million (3%)
    • Ages 65+: 18.3 million (2%)
    I know I should just roll my eyes at this sort of thing but this is just so asinine.
  19. That Uncut review is the worst yet...only 50/100
    That’s so harsh!
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  20. Funana is serving 'There's one Mariah, there was one Whitney, there's one Britney.' ddd but I kind of love it.

    Back That Up is hard to appreciate in this medium quality hell. But it's going to take getting used to in its new form.

    Ciao Bella is great. I Don't Search meets Isaac.
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