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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. Taylor Swift found trawling old episodes of Flying Doctors for any lines en Français.
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  2. Okay that Arabology album by Mirwais is pretty awesome.
  3. So who’s taking me to Ally Pally tonight?
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  4. The wait for the official release is almost as bad as the one you had the night before Christmas when you were little. Only 13 hours and 5 minutes left now.
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  5. @Secret x
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  7. So Back That Up to the Beat is totally going to lead into Candy Shop on the tour. You know she's going to do it.
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  8. *Time Stood Still found playing in the rafters*
  9. Quite a few people on MadonnaNation got tickets!
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  10. RJF


    If the Kiwi-flavoured gays haven’t furnished me with a leak by the time I’m drawing my bath this evening...

  11. Okay even now I’m getting excited. I can barely sit through three songs of one album in a row anymore with my problematic attention issues, but I’m going to park my ass somewhere quiet and listen to this tomorrow. I’ve been getting hyped by listening to her songs all week, and it worked.
  12. Who
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  13. I'm on the same boat as you, honest when the 14th June release date was announced the first thing I thought of was 'ffs I have the Spice Girls that weekend how can I give both the same attention'

    I think I might do a midnight listen tonight, then mentally move to Spiceworld, and come back to Madame X on Sunday or something

    You're welcome!
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  14. So do we know if it's a full show with Madonna or she is just on the main show with the other guests? Graham seemed to suggest the latter last week.
  15. That beat switch in God Control made me finish my master's thesis.
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    @Vasilios if I didn’t get to hear the album early then your inevitable Madonna selfie can wait until the tour. ha!suffer.gif
  17. Two cultural behemoths meet! :o
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  18. The bonus tracks are...okay. Ciao Bella is the only one I’ll be using. It’s nice to have a polished version of Back That Up, but it was never a very interesting song anyway so I’m glad she didn’t waste album space with it.
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