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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. So a CD rip is out I've read somewhere else?
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  2. Are the 3 bonus tracks out in HQ yet or just the normal deluxe?
  3. The torrents are out there, and soon a Deezer FLAC rip as well.
  4. My immediate thought upon hearing it was “oh it’s Isaac 2019!” He really is an organic addition to the song, the whole thing is gorgeous.
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  5. Soon is now in the first territory in the world! Madame X is upon us!
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  6. "Come Alive" and "Crazy" are instant highlights of the newly released material for me. They're refreshingly direct and traditional on an otherwise difficult album.

    I think "God Control" is the future Madonna classic, though. The production so perfectly balances playful lightness against the heavy subject matter. The rap is a bit camp, but it makes perfect sense as part of a sequel to "American Life." The little "it's a hustle, it's a con" refrain is so good.
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  7. Auch! This is crap. It's like those terrible autotuned DIY nursery pop songs for kids on youtube. I couldn't sit this one through. Many of the Madame X tracks feel so tongue-in-cheek and campy.
  8. Come Alive is bewitching!
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  9. Her store hasn't even shipped my vinyl + t-shirt yet. Come the fuck on!
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  10. Oh now it leaks when I’m in Manchester airport hell and can’t do anything about it.

    Madame X is a destroyer of dreams.
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  11. My vinyl and T-shirts haven't shipped either.

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  12. Started my listen, whew Medellin is still a contender for song of the year
  13. The flesh is weak. Did we ever get a CD rip?

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  14. God Control in high quality.... I can literally hear God.

    Kind of sad that the skipping at the end of Killers wasn't intentional, but the actual ending is gorgeous too.
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  15. God Control oh my god
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  16. Ray


    My flight to Frankfurt just got delayed by one hour and the layover time in Frankfurt was one hour... Madame X is a saviour (and so is you know who).

    'God Control' ruined my plans to grow my hair out, but I don't mind.
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  17. ‘Arseholes are starving’
  18. aux


    I'm shaking at the fact that I'm going to be hearing this album live
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  19. I was about to say, God Control in HQ is everything and more
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