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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. "Funana" is cringey. Sorry, her lamenting Whitney drenched in Melodyne is extremely camp.
  2. Haven't heard it yet but when did camp become a synonym for cringey?
  3. NO... I'm not even sure it's available in my country except as an import. I did buy the vinyl edition and I'm pretty sure I redeemed my copy of the album with my concert ticket. There's only so much I can do for her!
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  4. I don’t see myself returning to it much but this is a lot
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  5. My vinyl shipped, kii.
  6. English is not my mother tongue, sorry. They're not synonyms obviously, but it makes me cringe because of that and many other moments. Although it's sweet she mentioned Avicii.
  7. You're truly the Debbie Downer of this thread. NEVER happy, ALWAYS negative.
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  8. Thanks for following my work closely! I enjoy "Ciao Bella" quite a lot, and love what they did with "Back That Up". The album is growing on me quite a lot. Happy now, thought police? and how the fuck am I seeing your posts?
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  9. Fnac edition just arrived
  10. Who is the guy singing in Ciao Bella? He's kind of irritating me.
  11. His name is Kimi Djabate and he honestly makes the song. Perfect way for Madonna to pay tribute to the culture of Lisbon and West Africa.
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  12. So a CD rip is out I've read somewhere else?
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  13. Are the 3 bonus tracks out in HQ yet or just the normal deluxe?
  14. The torrents are out there, and soon a Deezer FLAC rip as well.
  15. My immediate thought upon hearing it was “oh it’s Isaac 2019!” He really is an organic addition to the song, the whole thing is gorgeous.
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  16. Soon is now in the first territory in the world! Madame X is upon us!
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  17. "Come Alive" and "Crazy" are instant highlights of the newly released material for me. They're refreshingly direct and traditional on an otherwise difficult album.

    I think "God Control" is the future Madonna classic, though. The production so perfectly balances playful lightness against the heavy subject matter. The rap is a bit camp, but it makes perfect sense as part of a sequel to "American Life." The little "it's a hustle, it's a con" refrain is so good.
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  18. Auch! This is crap. It's like those terrible autotuned DIY nursery pop songs for kids on youtube. I couldn't sit this one through. Many of the Madame X tracks feel so tongue-in-cheek and campy.
  19. Come Alive is bewitching!
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