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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. SCREAM I just paid for a £20 adapter for my MacBook and I am now downloading the album on airport WiFi to put it on my iPod.
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  2. Can wait for it to hit Spotify tomorrow, as want my first listen in good quality through the earphones.
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  3. I like Killers, but it's a rather difficult song to pin down for me. It's just a weird song. I tried writing about it in my track-by-track review but I'm struggling. Ddddd.
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  4. I really like Killers, I don't mind the lyrics, she's always been an ally, always proven where her heart is. Would have been different if it was insincere, but it's not. Musically there's a lot to like.

    This entire album though... man, what a ride. It will take a lot of spins to digest it all, there is so much to discover. Brava Madonna!
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  5. Is Killers the Jimmy Jimmy of Madame X?
  6. I think my least favorite may actually be Crazy. Don't quote me on that yet, though.
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  7. Shook! That should be single #3 or #4.
    The Sak Noel mix of Medellin is some generic reggaeton crap. Blergh.
  8. The João João of Madame X
    Dddd at no one @ing me and Rashida at the HQ leak.
    Poor us.
  9. You should've bitched some more! I'm sure Rashida got her link already.
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  10. RJF


    Three people PMed me with the link though.

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  11. This was poor.
  12. Reported.
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  13. Ddddd. Nevermind. I just got to I Rise again. It's still my least favorite.

    Currently in love with God Control, Come Alive, & Extreme Occident.
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  14. Do we have the 3 Super Deluxe songs in decent quality? I figure those aren't coming out on iTunes so I gotta track em down.
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  15. I'm literally stuck on 'God Control', she did that.
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  16. Funana is sweet. I like the name checking as it feels like many of her contemporaries, influences and collaborators have passed before their time (and some in more recent years). I can imagine that's something she's thought about a lot. I think I'd like it more if the sound was softer, more ethereal and heavenly, but I could also be overlooking some particular influence I'm unaware of here.
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  17. To wait, knowing the album is available on streaming in a number of hours, or to give in, knowing I have absolutely nothing to do at work...

  18. There’s a lossless rip out there, if that tempts you...
  19. Lucky you! I’m just going to sit in silence for eight more hours and look at the clock ticking way to slowly.
  20. [​IMG]
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