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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. Reported.
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  2. Ddddd. Nevermind. I just got to I Rise again. It's still my least favorite.

    Currently in love with God Control, Come Alive, & Extreme Occident.
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  3. Do we have the 3 Super Deluxe songs in decent quality? I figure those aren't coming out on iTunes so I gotta track em down.
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  4. I'm literally stuck on 'God Control', she did that.
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  5. Funana is sweet. I like the name checking as it feels like many of her contemporaries, influences and collaborators have passed before their time (and some in more recent years). I can imagine that's something she's thought about a lot. I think I'd like it more if the sound was softer, more ethereal and heavenly, but I could also be overlooking some particular influence I'm unaware of here.
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  6. To wait, knowing the album is available on streaming in a number of hours, or to give in, knowing I have absolutely nothing to do at work...

  7. There’s a lossless rip out there, if that tempts you...
  8. Lucky you! I’m just going to sit in silence for eight more hours and look at the clock ticking way to slowly.
  9. [​IMG]
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  10. Come Alive being the Body Shop 2.0 we deserve
  11. Is it because you didn’t have all the demos beforehand and couldn’t brag about it :/?
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  12. Just to make things even more unbearable I just listened to Hey You in full for the first time ever. Now I’m just going to pretend that the song doesn’t exist.
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  13. Two minutes til the Australian release. I have only heard the officially released stuff. Here we fucking go.
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  14. Here we fucking gooooooooo
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  15. Super deluxe booklet via MNation

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  16. Extreme Occident is really weak melodically, I'm glad it missed the main tracklist. It kind of just drags too and is lyrically a total clunker.
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  17. I received my BOxSet today and Can't believe Ciao Bella is just a BONUS !! This song is amazing and I really hope it will make it Live. Also the sound on CD quality is so much better. I really don't get why people are buying again Vinyl except to be "In"
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  18. Ok. Buying it.
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