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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. I was gonna download but I'm resisting so far!
    Also I can't wait to pop into HMV tomorrow and buy my copy/copies, which is something I haven't felt the excitement/need to do in years (still no sign of my clear vinyl being despatched)
  2. Excuse my limited frame of reference but the disco moments remind me a lot of Me...I am Mariah; Meterorite, You Don’t Know, Supernatural and the like.
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  3. She's listening for the first time.
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  4. Um... at the risk of overreacting after one listen... this is her best album ever. Legit tho. How many ideas?!!???!
  5. We got the credits this time though.
    Madame X is a giver of props.
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  6. God Control. FUCK.
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  7. Ciao Bella is that bop! I will be dropping my ass to this at some point, you can bet. Whew, we stan for an anthem, it's about her grandparent's home country of Italy isn't it?

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  8. Just finished. It’s deep and complex.

    God Control was absolutely fucking wig.
    Future is still basic
    Batuka didn’t give me much
    Killers has a great instrumental, but clunky lyrics
    Crave is incredible, I loved it in this context.
    Crazy and Come Alive were super enjoyable
    Extreme Occident is a bit shit, but I’d like an instrumental version.
    Fax Gostoso and Location are both solid bops and fun as hell
    I Don’t Search and Mercy are great
    I Rise is basic but fine.

    It’s pretty good. Strange and brave and beautiful. A lot to chew. Definitely sits up there with the top half of her discography and has that spark back that’s been missing for a long time. Feels like an album rather than a collection of songs. I’m proud of her.
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    The artist sighs relieved - or does "as if", causing some complicity - when I indicate that the album sounds cohesive. Was it because of the sequence, the type of beats, instruments? "They are also the themes of the songs. I tried to have a connection in everything. That's why you have to see the piece that Nuno has made and that shows that each song is connected to the next in one way or another. Sometimes it's an instrument, a letter, a beat, a story, the language ... but every song has a thread that connects it in some way with the next, "he says, while teaching me to properly pronounce the word" cohesive ". Madame X is a teacher.
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  10. I was not prepared for God Control.

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  11. The production on god. Blow my head off, Mom.
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  12. Bitch I’m Loca has me wanting a Madonna X Maluma duet album
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  13. I’m guessing this will be the making of footage that we’ve been seeing clips of on her Instagram. Can’t wait.
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  14. The outro of Come Alive... we've truly decided to ascend.
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  15. The lyrics of Killers are..... a choice. The instrumental is ducking EVERYTHING. I’m having such a gorgeous moment with it.
  16. Last few days have been busy and I'm out of the loop. I want to listen
  17. Me at midnight eastern time.

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  18. I've noticed this in many songs on the album along the tracklist, but which instrument, lyrics, beat or style do you guys think connects Medellín with Dark Ballet?
  19. Me since April 1, 2019

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