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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. I kind of want Future to open this, might swap it with Medellin. Anyone else tinkering with the tracklist?
  2. I love the religious songs on this one: Ciao Bella, I Don't Search, I Find, Looking For Mercy and Come Alive.
  3. I think Medellín is just the dreamy starting point to Madame X’ journey. She’s about to go dark, and so she has a moment of lightness.
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  4. I love how the autotune and processing makes the album's warm moments feel almost dream like, its beautiful
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  5. True! It's the word "dream", I hadn't noticed...

    "It's a beautiful dream, but a dream is earned" (and someone on Genius wrote: "In the context of the song as a whole, the dream of a beautiful life is only a fantasy")

    OMG this album is going to have so hidden meanings...
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  6. Not sure where I’d rank this yet but it’s certainly her most thought provoking album in at least 15 years.
  7. Also I think this absolutely is an album full of dance tracks, those big drum heavy latin styled tracks just...summon you to move
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  8. Funana is so... adorable?
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  9. Finally on my first playthrough and I can’t even imagine how many weird facial expressions I’ve already made 4 songs in. That randomly cheery “This is your wakeup call!” in God Control made me scream. So entertained so far.
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  10. Resisted the leaks. Question is... Do I listen before I go to bed?

    Also... Whose going HMV Tomorrow? Which version has all the songs? Is it the "book" with the dark hair?
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  11. I like it too for the same reason. I get why it's not on the standard or normal deluxe and I also get why many don't like it, but in the context of her talking about her survivors guilt around MJ and Prince and the sweetness in her delivery, I think it's very innocent.
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  12. There's a lot to unpack with this album, and it'll definitely require a few more listens to really absorb all of it but my god. The production across the board is absolutely stellar. Bizarre, spellbinding, ominous, rapturous, and utterly absorbing. Imagine displaying this amount of creativity and innovation FOURTEEN albums in.
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  13. Yes, the version with all 18 tracks is the book with the dark hair.
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  14. I've had my first uninterrupted listen...

    It's not my favourite Madonna album, but it's certainly one of the best. I think. The first half is incredibly cinematic and heavy, and the second half allows you to breath (a bit). Highlights are definitely Medellin, God Control, Crave, Crazy, Come Alive, Faz Gostoso, I Don't Search and Looking For Mercy. Basically I love this album except Killers, wtf mom and I'm SO RELIEVED. She did that. Go buy a copy or three.
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  15. Okay, I've gone this far without listening to leaks but, the excitement is just too much, I might cave in when I get home from work this evening, I just don't think I can wait until midnight.
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  16. It’s definitely has many songs that require repeat listenings. I’m only on Killers Who Are Partying but some songs have been so stimulating and overwhelming (mainly in incredibly positive ways) that I finished the song legitimately thinking “what did I just listen to?” I expect to do a few more playthroughs today and tomorrow.
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  17. Same here, trying my luck at local record stores now. Otherwise, will listen at midnight.

  18. Mercy’s face when she asked her if she thought the reporter was intelligent is an entire cackle.
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  19. Thankyou.

    (Damn I wanted the blonde cover)
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  20. God she’s hilarious, and I love the call back to her not eating the day before nn
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