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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. P.S. OMG her Truth or Dare intro voice in the verses of God Control like it’s 1991.
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  2. I've just finished my first listen.


    It's too good to form any other response yet.
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  3. This album is incredible. Eloquent words fail me now but I'm so proud of this woman. 40 years into her career and she delivers an album this audacious, weird and wonderful. I love my Mom so much.
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  4. And her vocal delivery on Crazy is one of the best on the album. “I’m on my knees for you like a prayer” gives me chills!
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  5. Crazy and Come Alive are a much needed breather after the super intense and claustrophobic first half.
  6. Crazy is 100% an album highlight.
  7. I'm grateful.

    I'm 22 and basically had to discover Madonna on my own terms, I recall pre Rebel Heart falling in love and she became a beacon for me circa 16-17 when I was finding myself. But 2015 felt so...hard? I recall how hard she was attacked in a time when I myself was embracing my queerness and she just kept going when I was taking my own inspiration from her personally. Not without damage or scars but she just kept going. Sometimes its not about being empowered but being upset and hurt but fighting on because its who you are and it meant the world. I'd defend her to the ends of the earth because she represented both me, herself, and to an extent the queer history she lived through that I myself could not connect with alone, she offered a gateway in the mainstream.

    Going in this time has felt so much lighter, I've felt a pride, a genuine joy in just having her around. I hope the experimentation and wildness of the record speaks to her own lightness because I've finally let go of her having to prove anything, I'm just fucking glad she's around and releasing music that is so strong, so modern and so her
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  8. I love her delivery of "ele faz tão gostoooso"
    It's like a mood for the rest of the summer
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  9. I can't wait for it to be released so I can blast it on my Sony Dolby Atmos Soundbar.
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  10. I wanted to go bed after my first listen but I just can’t... I’m too hooked!
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  11. It feels so right and correct that the first album Madonna releases going into her sixth decade on earth and almost her fourth in the industry begins with a song that includes the line “another me could now begin”, because this absolutely feels like her settling into and continuing the more secure, vulnerable and adventurous foundation laid by Rebel Heart. Being able to do pretty much everything on her own terms this time, broadening her musical horizons, collaborating with both past and present influences and merging them seamlessly...I could go on.

    I hope she’s proud of this album because she deserves to be, and I’m proud of her. What a fucking home run.
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  12. God Control's transition into those swirling Disco strings

  13. 3.5 hours! tick tock tick tock tick tock.
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  14. I'm not going to trash talk MDNA and Rebel Heart. I was very happy with both of them when they were released and still enjoy them, they both have great songs (some of which I consider favorites of mine among her catalog).

    But there's *something* about Madame X and maybe with time I'll come down from this high and feel differently. But these songs feel so particularly vital, full with life force. And the album makes me think of... like a musical instrument carefully crafted in a cabin up in the mountains. One of a kind.
  15. So, how many of us holdouts are left? I didn't bother looking for the leak. And given that I'm ancient -- my Limewire log-in isn't working -- I wouldn't even know where to look. I'm actually quite looking forward to my first listen being official.
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  16. I think it's just you, me and @MrWonderfulPop
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  17. Someone stop me because I'm full of thoughts but...this isn't like Rebel Heart; this is opening a book not closing it. The cylinders are being fired on but they feel ready to be reloaded at any second.

    We ain't safe
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  18. Yep...can't wait!
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  19. I love my parents
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