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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. I love how much of a fan the interviewer is and I feel she really put Madge at ease thus leading to a great interview.

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  2. This was very good! You can tell Madonna enjoyed her.
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  3. So the unibrow cover isn’t the cover on Spotify? I’m confused.
  4. I haven’t even finished my first full lesson but God Control and Crazy have absolutely slain me.
  5. Who handled the photography and art direction for this album? My digital booklet doesn't have it. Strange. Anyone know?
  6. I'm sure she'll still do something amazing in a theatre, but can you imagine God Control with arena or stadium-sized production? Concert of a lifetime.
  7. Madonna seemed very impressed with her as am I. Excellent, genuine interview. Wish it was much longer
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  8. She said on Graham Norton that she was working on the tour and that there would be big production moments, but also that there may be song performances with nothing but a group of dancers or a grand piano on the stage. I think she also said she was bringing a bunch of musicians with her. This could turn out to be such a cool show and I'm trying (and failing) to manage my expectations.
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  9. Did she mention if most of the setlist would be from Madame X? She apparently said that a couple of months ago but I can't find the source.
  10. She didn't say anything about the set list. But going by history, plenty of Madame X will make the cut. And that's the other thing that's really exciting to me: which songs from her back catalog will she pick to play with the Madame X material on stage? You really can't do a Sticky & Sweet type of show no matter what the venue is when the album you're promoting is like this one. I'm anticipating Tears of a Clown mixed with Drowned World production values.
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  11. She did say 70% would be nice material at some point a while back. Was it an interview or a magazine quote? Not entirely sure but it was posted.
  12. I think Steven Klein?
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  13. How the fuck did she manage to release all these prelease tracks and make them sound fresh with every album listen. That's not normal.
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  14. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    It's been very well established here that this album is brilliant, but I'm gonna say it again anyway. This album is brilliant. I haven't even heard the super deluxe tracks yet, the 15 tracks on streaming services have completely filled me up for the time being.

    @Andy French was right on the money comparing Faz Gostoso to Loose, and I'd honestly take that further and say the whole album reminds me of Loose? Obviously Madame X is a lot more challenging, but the combination of dark and sinister electronics mixed in with contemporary Latin and R&B totally gives me the same vibe.

    The one whinge I have is that the sequencing...could be better. We aren't talking Sweetener here, but I find it a bit jarring how the album switches so wildly between lighter and more frivolous themes to dark, occasionally even unnerving ones.
  15. I don’t know what metrics or whatever she’s using to judge whether or not this album is a success but I really hope she sees it as one. Just as a (admittedly obsessed super) fan, I feel sooo proud of her and what she’s achieved here. I hope she sees all the positive reactions to this era and I hope it emboldens her to push the needle even further. If this record is the jumping off point for the next decade of her career then I’m even more excited to see what she still has left to do.

    It hits me sometimes that I’m literally experiencing living history, I’m watching an actual, legit Legend add onto an already unimaginably amazing career, I’m experiencing this in real time, while she’s still here and vital and active and.... I realize I’ve said it so many times but it makes me so grateful to be alive to see this brilliant woman in action. I mean, this woman changed culture. Literally not everyone has that. It honestly leaves me in awe if I think about it. And we get to be a part of that. Not that it’s ever been in doubt, but she’s proven once again why she is the one true Queen. No one else could have made this album, not at any point much less 40 years into an already massive career. There will never be another Madonna. The album reminds me just how important it is that we appreciate her now, while we still have her among us mere mortals.
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  16. This kinda made me cry.
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  17. There's something about the atmospherics of Funana, a song with a ridiculous title, that hits like every emotion I'm capable of. I even like the over-the-top vocal processing on it, as opposed to some other places on the album where it's a bit out of place. It's kind of my favorite at the moment along with Faz Gostoso.
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  18. Steven Klein shot the artwork. Giovanni Bianco handled art direction for the actual packaging.
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  19. Thanks... I thought someone else did the cover. The person that did Katy Perry’s last one?
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