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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. [​IMG]

    In other news, Come Alive made me a bit emotional on this fine Tuesday morning.
    I could see her closing the concerts with it and have the audience sing to her as the choir.
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  2. I can't breathe
  3. Exactly. Stans can talk in circles about what she should have done at Eurovision to maybe ensure a couple more sales or streams, but ultimately that was never really the issue. It comes down to what I said before: nobody wants to see Madonna – at 60 – getting down, not even to “Holiday”

    Sure, maybe doing “Holiday” or “Hung Up” would have ensured less draggings, but there would be dragging and mocking comments about her age and how she should hang it up regardless, because these comments have already followed her for much of the last 15 years. She’s not going to be the woman some of the people in (and out of) this thread desperately want her to be. Trying to get her to change or box her in now, after being in the game for nearly 40 years, is pointless.
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  4. She was getting called "grandma" at the same age as Gaga, Katy and Taylor are right now.
  5. Please please please let the GC video be amazing. The car footage in her instaclip gave me 'Turn on the radio' flashbacks.

    In all seriousness let's just stop to smell the roses here... This campaign is amazing. She is delivering amazing visuals ... Has given us a cohesive album with material we have been begging for this past decade.

    Let's not get swamped down in certain reviews .... It is what it is.... Let's focus on the sheer volume of goodies we are getting.

    It's a bummer that she said her budget has been spent ... Which I get... The videos we have seen so far have been amazing. Her asking for funding in that interview shows she wants to do more which is a good sign ... .maybe a crowd funding should be set up for more videos? (Although I'd expect her to meet us halfway lol).

    What videos would we want? If we had to whittle the remaining tracks down?

    I don't search please.
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  6. "Faz Gostoso" absolutely needs a video - I'd love one for "I Don't Search I Find" and then I'd be satisfied with a low-key one for "Crazy"

    "God Control" is probably the last we'll get though and that's okay - the videos have been great this era.
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  7. Srsly, even her Super Bowl performance was dragged.

    She's fighting a battle she can't ultimately win. But I admire her for persisting.

    Also, the P4K review is more basic than any of the lyrics of this album, needless to say.
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  8. What other videos has M possibly shot? We know God Control has the drag queens but was the controversy about the horse been allowed into an historical building about? Was that for a video? Is there some Netflix documentary or similar coming, she does seem to have filmed a lot of things this time around.
  9. Aww she looks genuinely willing to shoot a video. You mean to tell me Madonna can't bring in sponsors for a summer video? Come on.
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  10. My favourite lyric on the album is actually a more straightforward one which resonates with me at the moment, from Crazy.
    “Spent a long time wakin' up
    Used to think that I was not enough for you
    Now I see that I'm just way too much”
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  11. I do find it ironic to the level of 10,000 spoons that most of Madonna's detractors in the press have been singing the same old tune for decades now – something you can certainly not accuse Madonna of.

    Maybe *they* should be the ones to "hang it up" until they can come back with better material; I feel like I've been reading the same critiques forever.
  12. Exactly. Where are the professional journalists?
    The score is horrible. I don't mind something in the middle, but 4.8 of 10 is silly.

    Ariana's thank you, next has 7.9 and it is a generic album that didn't bring anything new to the table.
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  13. It's kinda weird as a response and it does not play well with the GP with this news + Rosalía, specially after several shows having sold out, etc
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  14. The remaining videos we know she filmed are for “God Control” and most likely “Batuka”. She confirmed some other sort of visual component/documentary is also coming that ties the whole project together, but we don’t know when that’s supposed to be released.
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  15. That preview just shows scenes from video making. Not actual scenes.
    The video looks retro and overall gives Deeper and Deeper vibe. I didn't get TUTR vibe.
    Retro cinematography would be a great choice.
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  16. I'm screaming because I can picture the EXACT selfie that these gays would take
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  17. Many listens to the album later, I've decided I could probably lose Batuka.

    The rest is ESSENTIAL.
  18. I think the idea about a horse in a building was for Medellin, since it already featured horses. The reports about it were during Medellin video making.

    5 videos and a documentary are more than enough for this era. Batuka (or whatever that video in Sao Juliao was made for) could be just another type of Dark Ballet where Madonna doesn't play a big role.

    And there were rumors about a new compilation with new songs from Madame X sessions. We probably will get a video or two for that project and I assume Madonna will deliver great visuals based on Madame X effort.
  19. The car scene is totally Deeper And Deeper but ok.
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