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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

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  2. How odd that Bruce beat her in the UK.
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  3. Maybe some Eurovision backlash still?
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  4. The £35 Dad still rules I guess...
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  5. Does "Back That Up to the Beat" give anyone else M.I.A. vibes? Especially the middle eight is just so... Maya.
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  6. The Mojo Intwrview 0BBE72DB-04E1-4EC0-B307-96A9BF308E12.jpeg 795C802D-A6EE-4578-970C-72D5FE15378A.jpeg 9E1EED33-A256-4186-80A2-55BBF08A3D97.jpeg B420E20D-F926-4AAD-B6FD-2FA325A2869C.jpeg 122A66EA-AA63-4A26-80EF-F9FF6AFDE305.jpeg
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  7. All Mirwais would have really fucked with people. His tracks definitely get the strongest reactions, negative and positive. They sound a bit fucked up, in a good way, and I think people have difficulty with that. I've been pretty dissapointed in a lot of people's inability to handle a really weird sounding track. It's like people lack any appetite for musical adventure and think that something has to sound conventionally good immediatey. Songs like Batuka and Dark Ballet sound amazing to me but definitely are jarring. God Control seems more popular but a lot of people complain about how much is happening. And I'm thinking, "Since when does a song HAVE to be completely cohesive? That's an artificial rule."

    I just think there's been a lot of close-mindedness about this album in general.
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  8. That Mojo article - it really pisses me off when they take 2 decade defining albums - True Blue and Ray of Light - and then give them 4 stars, the same rating that they’ve probably given the latest Gallagher album or whatever semi-comatose indie band is de rigeuer at the moment.

    Like they may have some flaws, but they are both part of the fabric of pop music and need to be assessed as such.
  9. Faz Gostoso and Crazy are the highest on Spotify of the non singles/promo singles. I stand by that Crazy should at the very least go to adult contemporary after Crave wraps up.

    Also that interview on the previous page - the part where she says that she made the last few albums reluctantly is going to get brought up ad nauseam by the people who don't like those records as a way to "prove" they're bad and they'll conveniently skip over the part where she says this album ended up happening the same way.
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  10. I feel like this is the case generally in music at the moment. The “Spotify Playlist Background Music” mentality. There’s a very limited tropi/house/trap sound that seems to have been prevalent for about half a decade now. Everything’s very faceless, major-key, similar BPM, instantly “hummable”, but very little really sticks or attempts to challenge the listener. Lyrics are about literally... nothing, very little poetry or artists actually trying to deliver a message. Pop music is exceptionally beige and boring for the large part, at the moment.
  11. Oh my god, an INTERVIEW ladies and gentleman. How refreshing to have a well-researched, perceptive & knowledgeable journalist asking her questions, it felt like if one of us spoke to her. Now we know about the mumbling, auto tune choice & lots of other things.
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  12. LTG


    My favourite vocal moments on this album:

    “My god look at me now”
    Mum shouting “Go” on Anitta’s verse
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  13. It’s not really. Bruce has a larger core fan base now. I have every Madonna album apart from this one, I only like a couple of tracks and the general public aren’t really interested in what she’s doing at the moment.
  14. Bruce’s first week have generally been a lot more consistent than Madonna.

    Bruce Springsteen: Studio Album First Week Sales (1994+):
    14,500 The Ghost of Tom Joad (#16, 1995)
    57,071 The Rising (#1, 2002)
    62,311 Devils & Dust (#1, 2005)
    33,064 We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions (#3, 2006)
    77,692 Magic (#1, 2007)
    67,316 Working on a Dream (#1, 2009)
    74,401 Wrecking Ball (#1, 2012)
    48,620 High Hopes (#1, 2014)
    52,290 Western Stars (#1, 2019)

    Madonna: Studio Album First Week Sales (1994+):
    42,041 Bedtime Stories (#2, 1994)
    138,500 Ray of Light (#1, 1998)
    151,891 Music (#1, 2000)
    65,013 American Life (#1, 2003)
    217,610 Confessions on a Dancefloor (#1, 2005)
    94,655 Hard Candy (#1, 2008)
    56,335 MDNA (#1, 2012)
    37,245 Rebel Heart (#2, 2015)
    27,227 Madame X (#2, 2019)
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  15. I got home last night and Facebook invited me to watch a streaming Madonna interview that was supposedly already going on for four hours. Was it really that long, and where can I find the full thing?
  16. They would have just kept playing it on a loop, it was about 45 minutes
  17. Loved that Mojo interview. It’s a shame there aren’t more journalists being given access to her who actually have an understanding of her career.

    Regarding chart success, if Madonna hadn’t actually based herself in London, I think she’d have written GB off as a center of culture shortly after her divorce in the same way the Brits did to her. She is not beloved. It seems quite obvious to me, but maybe I’m not understanding something more fundamental in the shifts as they took place over the last decade. I’m glad she continues to enjoy London. I think it would be interesting to know her perspective on her changing popularity in the UK, but I guess it’s not something she’s likely to ever address.
  18. That would be a very stupid thing to say, since she says Madame X was born the same way. She was bored!
  19. That's what I really love about these songs, they aren't instant. They need many listens and different melodies and hooks jump out at different times.
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  20. That Mojo interview was by far the most interesting read from this era. How refreshing to see questions related to music instead of motherhood.
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