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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. can't we stop saying 'use' instead of 'play' ?
  2. What in the world is shady about that?
  3. Madame X has a few weak songs: Medellín (sounds like a generic reggaeton song), Crazy (bad chorus tbh), Bitch I'm Loca (her meeting Maluma was the worst thing to happen to her), Looking For Mercy (the looking for looking for part kills me).

    I'm just a little disappointed but I hope this album grows on me. Future, Crave, God Control are insane.
  4. RJF


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  5. Medellín generic? Crazy weak chorus? Maluma worst thing happening to her? I have to laugh.
  6. Just listening to the 3 bonus tracks for the first time...

    Ciao Bella is fine
    Funana is nice
    The instrumental of Back That Up KNOCKS!
  7. Anybody who tears up the running order of Dark Ballet - Killers Who Are Partying.... needs something else torn up probably.

    Also, I love the Maluma tracks, all 3 of them.
  8. Easily solved, use Apple Music.
  9. [​IMG]
  10. Just out of curiosity, what reggaeton song would you compare Medellin too?
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  11. Not really.
    Absolutely not.
    Can’t relate.
  12. So was God Control supposed to be the 1st single ? Seems that's where most of her video promo budget went from the clips.
  13. It costs a lot to shoot on location, which she did for all the videos.
  14. As someone that lives in a Spanish-speaking country I can tell you have not heard many reggaeton songs and that Medellin is not your traditional reggaeton song.
  15. My favorite thing about "Medellín" is the subtlety of Madonna's phrasing and enunciation. I love all the little pauses, and the elongation of certain words. The delicacy and girlishness in the first verse really send me.
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  16. I'm intrigued to know what M's original running order for the whole single / album release actually was. Obviously it all changed before anything was actually released, we got promo singles / tracks and Eurovision with Killers would have been very odd. Can we assume that God Control was intended as the first single, followed by Dark Ballet and Medellin? Crave got a video made quickly because Interscope thought it had a chance of doing well?
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  17. The original plan was to lead with two different singles for different markets: a disco song and a reggaeton song.
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  18. I love that Crave means so much more in the context of the album. How it relates to her reflecting on her place in the world, the moment she finds herself in right now, etc. It is because I play them back to back of course, but I think Crave and Extreme Occident are kind of like the two sides of the same coin. There's several parallels lyrically, and it's like they approach the same emotional need from a different perspective and reflect on how Madonna tries to fulfill it in a personal/private and social/public context respectively.

    Also, unrelated but: do you think we may be getting a double video? What if it's both Killers and God Control? The idea came up as I was watching the latest teaser where she's on the typewriter, which is imagery that feels better suited to be Killers imagery than God Control imagery, whereas the latter clearly goes better with the Disco imagery.
  19. "Extreme Occident" stuck between "Faz Gostoso" and "Bitch I'm Loca" is... an interesting move.
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  20. This is an absurd mess.
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