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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. I sense @cockatoo is about to self-implode...
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  2. matthew.

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  3. This is simply impossible. How can Maluma be the worst thing to happen to anyone? Have you seen him?
  4. Frumpy hair and a lack of eyebrows will do that to a gal.
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  5. I think that she looked at her most beautiful in the mid 90s. The Bedtime Stories/Something To Remember/Evita years. She had that classic Hollywood glamour look about her during the time.
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  6. Madonna's peak beauty is every single damn day, however, this look is one of my favourites:

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  7. Disco daaaaaaaancing.
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  8. She revealed her 'new' look at the Grammys in 2004...never forget the reaction as to how good she looked.
  9. Well, she looked bloody amazing in 2003, and I remember how beautiful she looked up close in Up For Grabs (also on The Drowned World Tour in Europe).
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  10. Well, the promo singles she admitted were her label's idea and a way to keep fans and the album going in this new way of releasing grat tracks to fill the gap before the release date. Crave was made the second single and the video was rushed to be made to put out there. Given what insiders and @mindtrappa's post, the idea seems to have always been Medellin and God Control (even this was filmed early) but Crave seemed to happen and was given focus and God Control feels pushed to make a statement in the month of Pride and to speak out on the issue of guns.
  11. Crave seemed like a good idea as nor Medellin or God Control fitted American radio. It has been working on AC formats in the USA, but without any effect on sales or streamings, or any other country, so I don't know...

    On the other hand, I am very excited about the God Control video cause they had months to get it perfect. It was not rushed in any way as Bitch Im Madonna, Ghosttown or Crave were.
  12. This album is so good that "MedellĂ­n" is among my least favorite tracks here. I mean, the power this album has. The intelligence that it has. The incredible mix of sheer boppery and emotional balladry that it has.
  13. My God that teaser for the God Control vid has got me so excited (fanny flutters), I think it is going to make this song excel into the top 5 Madame X tracks. It looks EPIC.
  14. These are all still great videos, though, rushed or not.
  15. Remember when she used to always wear tracksuits and a cap?
  16. "Crave" is my favorite M video in a decade. The perfect example of how to pull off something simple with aplomb.

    Might be a little biased though because it's also one of my favorite M singles in a decade ddd.
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  17. Agreed.
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  18. A serve!
  19. She looks sensational!
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  20. They were too samey next to each other and I needed something to break it up. Occident works surprisingly well.
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