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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. Where she belongs.
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  2. I really like seeing Madonna at #1.
  3. The album is great but Medellín is still one of my favourites
  4. I'm still, so immersed in Madame X.
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  5. Her 2004-2007 Looking_For_Mercy.mp3 aesthetic and the adjacent 'look I have a husband!!!1 GP-pandering 'was lowkey… her most boring era.
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  6. I'm amazed that Madame X has not left the top ten albums on Aussie itunes since it was released.
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  7. YASSSS choreography
  8. A brazilian tv host said Madonna will shoot a video for Faz Gostoso in Rio de Janeiro, more specifically in Honorio Gurgel, the neighborhood Anitta grew up and the budget is over a million reais (sort of those US$300.000 Madonna mentioned before).

    He's been sort of hit or miss these days, but who knows.
  9. Well, rumor, but Leo Dias is actually "close" to Anitta so... It might happen?

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  10. To be honest the reaction I got from telling people I had bought tickets to see Madonna was ALWAYS negative and they would bring up Eurovision and how she had gotten old and couldn't sing. Also, the price didn't help ha
  11. Hey guys, I don’t know if this has been brought up before (probably, and if so I’m sorry), but when I listen to I Rise on headphones, I hear a really annoying static/buzzing noise in the background from the beginning of the song until the first chorus.

    At first I thought it’s just due to the Emma Gonzalez sample, but then it continues into the song.

    Anyone know what that’s about?
  12. Pretty sure it’s just an artifact from the organ or whatever they’re using for that warped effect, since it only shows up when it’s playing.
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  13. Deeper and Deeper's little sister is coming. YATH
  14. The hazy, nostalgic fever dream vibe and themes of escapism, recovery, and rebirth on Medellin makes it the perfect opener to Madame X. Especially with the "wake up call" and fury that follows with Dark Ballet/God Control. It's a necessary lighter shade in the Madame X palette. Also it's important to the Madonna at 60 narrative. She just sounds so comfortable in her skin and where her life is at on Medellin.
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  15. Madonna said she needs $300 or $300k?
  16. Shh! Madame X is underground. She’s an exclusive club. Not many people get to experience ha!
  17. I’ve seen a number of people saying that God Control should have been the first single but I’m glad it wasn't. Starting the album campaign off with a controversial video has been done a million times. I’m glad she switched it up. More to look forward to.
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