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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. Wait. There's a Madame X documentary on Amazon Prime?
  2. This documentary is fantastic! It's not fluff and actually contextualizes everything visually. This era is doing is all for me.
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  3. My boyfriend while I force him to watch the mini doc and stan the album

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  4. Does it seem to be an Amazon exclusive?
  5. Seems to be unless someone rips it or she uploads it onto her channel.
  6. A Madonna documentary? Yes, that'll do for today.
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  7. This sounds very interesting! Hope the documentary will be uploaded to her channel.
  8. That was way better than I imagined. I almost wish she didn’t even bother with all those press junket interviews and sent this out. It answers any question one could possibly have about the album. I’d love them to extend it later on (since they obviously have tons more footage) to proper full length so we can see the actual making of the album and the videos.
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  9. Uh oh...

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  10. We have to understand that people who have been through and survived such a horrific event are likely to have such an extreme reaction to the video. The video will be no less than absolutely terrifying for them.
  11. That's unfortunate.
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  12. I can understand the criticism, but I’d be interested to know who she spoke with, since many anti-gun organizations (including One Pulse which she names) have come out and said Madonna donated to them. There’s a lot of stuff being said about how this video is specifically about Pulse, which is understandable considering it takes place in a club, but it’s not. It’s inspired by hundreds of mass shootings and gun violence happening all over the nation every day.
  13. It now feels awkward that her vocals are on I Rise...
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  14. She's uninformed. The video has a warning, and Madonna already tweeted a list of organizations that people should support, which include the One Pulse Foundation.

    But the video explicitly says: "The story you are about to see is very disturbing. It shows graphic scenes of gun violence."
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  15. Why isn't the documentary available on the brazilian Amazon Prime?
  16. And that’s fair. But her statement about Madonna not contacting anyone/donating and the video not featuring a warning is blatantly false. The video was always going to be divisive since not everyone processes trauma the same or has the same way of fighting against causes like this, so the reactions are expected to a degree... I just wish they were more informed, because it’s obvious those who have spoken out didn’t look that far for any answers about Madonna’s motives.
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  17. I haven't said much about the video because as powerful and well shot as it is, it's still using an extremely traumatic situation to make a statement and I'm just not entirely comfortable with it. However well intentioned and whatever donations Madonna does make, it's more than within reason for someone like Emma to have a strong reaction to it, even if she doesn't have the facts right.
  18. Well if anything it will draw more attention to the video and the message so either way it's doing it's job.
  19. I kinda took this as the video is disgusting but necessary? It’s disgusting that these things happen and it’s disgusting that things like the God Control video need to be made to make people aware and take action.
  20. Sorry I posted that before I realised it was a thread. I agree with you.
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