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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. No, she’s condemning the whole thing

    But again everything she’s suggesting Madonna do... Madonna did, so I’m confused by this specific reaction.
  2. I want to know who is feeding her misinformation.
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  3. Not when you read the rest of her messages underneath, she says she’s handled it the wrong way and goes on further.
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  4. And nobody is taking that away from her. But when her anger is seemingly revolving around the entire idea that Madonna didn’t include a warning or contact the victims or isn’t donating, then her not having her facts straight is a pretty big deal

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  5. So I have listened to Madame X about 4 times through and I just can't get into it. The auto-tune is used wayyyyy too much here that her vocals sound terrible. Some of the songs are so "preachy" and almost depressing to listen to at times. I miss the Confessions Madonna so much. I'm ready for the next album already!
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  6. LTG


    Confessions Live to Tell on a cross non-preachy Madonna?
  7. I know I should know better, but sometimes I'm amazed by how sometimes people only see what they want to see (and by people I mean the ones replying to Emma's tweets). I've seen a lot of tweets saying the video glamorizes violence. Like, how...? Have you seen the video with your eyes and ears closed?
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  8. Isn’t her using the hashtag drawing more intention to the video anyway.
  9. I'm talking more about the lyrics in these songs than performances. Confessions had serious issues mentioned throughout it but it was a fun album to listen to, this one doesn't have that.
  10. Must be listening to another album then
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  11. Get out NOW.
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  12. You will never get Confessions Madonna again, so best get off this ride now. Bye!
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  13. Haha!! I love Madonna, this is just not my favorite.
  14. And I completely understand why some survivors might feel something like this is glamorizing and exploiting their trauma, and that’s their right to feel those feelings. However, it’s important to remember that this isn’t just about them and it’s happening every day, literally. Madonna may not have experienced gun violence, but she has children who go to school, she goes out in public, she has been a target. This video is not just her fears and anxieties, but everyone’s, because this epidemic is not exclusionary.
  15. You didn't think Confessions was a fun album?! You must have been listening to a different album then.
  16. Ironically, God Control and I Don't Search, I Find are the closest we got from Confessions since then.
  17. Confessions is kinda boring to me. Outside of the singles, it’s more of an album I’m listening to when I’m winding down. I play the remix album when I want to have fun. Pretty colors, though! Great tour.
  18. Oh, I totally agree! I love the elements of Vogue and almost Deeper And Deeper in I Don't Search, I Find!
  19. Omg epic tour!
  20. With those vocals she can preach all she wants. And Emma Gonzales should come out with an apology.
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