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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. Well she actually did when she just arrived in NY. I agree with everything you said though.
  2. Coming for Emma is a choice. Don't make it.
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  3. There is a goddamn disclaimer at the beginning of the video.
    She included a list of organizations and movements in her tweets when she released it.

    The fact a pop star with a huge platform who has since day one taken beatings and being crucified for being unpopular, opinionated, standing up for marginalized and non-represented people is using her status to shed light and people vilify her for it. If some other mainstream woman did it, you'd be getting essays and how feminist, progressive, ballsy and controversial in a manner to speak out but since it's Madonna, persona non grata when it comes to giving due credit, it's shock, calculated controversy.

    These new breed of people need everything spoon fed and catered to them because they lack the mind and comprehension to see what artists used to do with their work. They crafted songs, videos, albums, works of art to mean several things, to be interpreted in many ways but now everyone wants everything to be overly explained, simplistic and not to ruffle feathers. When movies, shows and other pop stars are allowed to showcase violence, rape, and other horrible parts of life and be showered in accolades, why can't Madonna? It isn't a video meant to shock for profit, it's meant to urge you to act, to be angry, to want to write to your politicians. But of course, the impulse is "How dare she show us how life, murder and death are?"

    When Madonna dies, I better not see bullshit articles of what an icon, revolutionary, feminist and pioneer she was and how her legacy was always in tact. I'd spit in every one of their faces.
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    They really did miss a trick in not displaying links to charities and other organisations at the end of the video; I felt that was sorely lacking when I watched earlier this week and it's not like there wasn't space for it.
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  5. Please... do you only listen to Confessions but to I Love New York and then stop?
  6. Unfair that the documentary is only available in the US and UK. I hope it's uploaded somewhere soon.
  7. It’s also on Prime Germany. Still waiting for Prime Italy.
  8. All the links are under the YouTube Video.
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    As IF anyone is reading a YouTube video description in 2019. The only thing that has less readership is Madonna's damn Twitter.
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  10. Whatever. Emma if she saw it, didn't even realized there was huge WARNING at the beginning. How many people will read 10 plus organitations names at the end of the video?
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  11. This documentary really should have been included with the album - not knocking Amazon Prime but it's not really the right platform for this.
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  12. But Amazon is probably the biggest retailer of the album.
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  13. That's probably true, so from a business perspective sure, but personally I think it belongs on Apple Music or even just as a Youtube upload.

    It's basically a visual album commentary, seeing it just randomly plonked on Amazon Prime doesn't seem right to me.
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  14. She will probably release it, maybe expanded, on her channel in the future.
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  17. Ooh is there a link? I wonder if they’ll fix the standard black version
  18. Hearing the initial album introduction from months ago as part of the Prime documentary has already made me feel a bit nostalgic, if that's possible. I now really want to rip the audio and have it as an album opener. It's the best instrumental part of Killers layered over the campy "Madame X is a dishwasher, a whore a whore!" mission statement. Still so good, and confident. She really delivered this era huh?
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  19. I'm already making my exit ddd.

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