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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

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  2. Found this hilarious.

    (The Barras is a market in Glasgow.)

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  3. I’m torn because I have tremendous sympathy for a survivor of such a massacre but on the rest of the tweets....(as you point out) she is just wrong. The least she could do before going on a rant was check that she has her facts straight and it’s unfortunate that she didn’t. Furthermore, I do think that the beginning disclaimer is sufficient and also all the info in the end makes it clear that it’s not so much as a “glamour video taking on a political issue” but basically a campaign to alert people and remind me that we’re well past the time that we did something about this issue. It needed to be brazen, violent and sad because we’ve tried the thoughts and prayers approach and look where that’s brought us. So in that way Emma is actually not Madonna’s target audience for this because she clearly has gone through the exact experience first hand, she has been traumatized, she has been radicalized. The point of the video is to make the rest of the people, watching from their sofas aware and hopefully move or shock them enough to (finally) do something about it.

    And I honestly don’t recall Beyoncé for example getting this reaction with her videos for Formation, which didn’t even have the information that Madonna provided in the end credits. I just think that unfortunately this shows yet again that Madonna is dammed if she does, dammed if she doesn’t even when she’s tackling social issues that no one else in pop music is willing to talk about.

    For me it really is amazing, and amazingly brave, that Madonna took such a risk and showed gun violence the way it is. Not pretty, not glamorized, not fair and not logical. You can have issues with the stylistic choices but I feel the message and thus the video itself is absolutely essential in 2019. It is a hard, uncomfortable truth we all have to look at and face.
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  4. My official store preorder, which I received on release week, was fixed already. So it must have been caught early on, and they knowingly sent out the wrong batch anyway.

    Edit: I’m talking about the clear vinyl edition
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  5. Madame X is generous - don't misprints end up being valuable?

    (I got the correct one as well.)
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  6. [​IMG]

    My fiancé is already pleading for us to listen to ‘anything other than Madonna please’ nñn
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  8. That documentary is great and atmospheric. It's given some of the album different feels now I know more about some of the songs.
  9. .
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  10. Honestly, I'm very pessimistic about the reception of her Pride performance. I already see it: "exploitative", "hypocrite", "out of place", "awful singing", no matter how good the performance is.
  11. RJF


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  12. Did he even promote?
  13. Or tweet?
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  14. Is the Pride performance streaming anywhere or we gonna have to rely on phone cameras ?
  15. I’ve never seen them stream, but maybe Madonna might set something up.
  16. Not sure if this was posted.
  17. I feel the same, I'm also trying to imagine how insane it would have been to see this whole documentary before the album came out. Imagine being introduced to Batuka or Come Alive for the first time like this!
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  18. Emma has every right to feel the way she does (especially as a survivor), but I don’t think she has all the facts right which is frustrating.

    Also, 99% of the responses to her thread are hot garbage - it’s either Madonna stans attacking Emma because she’s criticizing Madonna, people bringing M’s appearance into it like that’s relevant in any way, or people insisting that Madonna is being a culture vampire or trying to exploit gun control issues for shock value. Mess all around
  19. For what it's worth, I didn't think the shooting in the video was exploited for shock value. It's bloody yes, but it's not gratuitous.
  20. I fully sympathise it must have been awful for Emma to watch the video, and I feel bad it obviously triggered her, it’s a really tough situation. But, at the same time, her batch of tweets are filled with misinformation about Madonna, and she has deleted one or two, so I think she clearly vented before getting the facts, and those are now unravelling from the organisations themselves.
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