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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. I wish I could pinpoint the melody. It’s so reminiscent of a very specific genre, and ironically, it’s not funana. Part of me wants to say soca or afrobeat, definitely island influenced.
  2. I wish the documentary short was a little longer and was a DVD with the deluxe album.
  3. 11.30 Uzbek time.... On a shared taxi from Samarkand to Tashkent.... They are playing Medellín on the radio.... It was nice
  4. The melody and production of Funana remind me of a song you'd get in a Disney film from the 90s, very cheesey.
  5. Funana is glorious. I'm not aware of the style of music that inspired it but I love that the song feels celebratory and melancholic, a cry for togetherness in the midst of disaster. Calling out all the legends we've lost is the perfect way to translate the vibe of the music into words, celebrating their legacy of bringing people together through music and mourning their loss at the same time. I adore it.
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  6. I wish Madame X had more songs that sound like SONGS, not symphonies
  7. To be fair, there's only a couple of songs that are separated into distinct sections.
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  8. In retrospect, this turned out to be one of my favourite things of this era and already a classic.
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  9. Ddd up until today I though she signs «no funana», as in «we are not going to funana anymore, because all those people are dead»
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  10. To be very honest I don’t think autotune is a problem. But people’s attitudes towards it in 2019 is. They see it as a negative thing. Everyone thinking their a vocal critic because of reality singing shows etc. In 2002 excessive or not autotune/processed vocals whatever wouldn’t have been mentioned
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  11. me too. I’m so juvenile but I laugh every time I hear it!
  12. The vocal modulation on Funana's verses is one of the album's very best, I love how her voice sounds as if it could melt into that synth droning in the background at any second.
  13. Autotune and vocoder effects etc are all well and good when Daft Punk, Kanye etc are using them. They're seen as artistic elements of their music. When Madonna does it it's because she can't sing anymore. Repeat to fade.
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  14. Has anyone created their own Madame X tracklist or re-sequenced the album to their own liking? I'm just curious because within days of Rebel Hearts release we were seeing alternate tracklists being posted all the time. Now I get that Rebel Heart was an album that was desperately calling out for a proper and thoughtful re-sequencing, as was MDNA, but I've seen none of that for Madame X. Just goes to show that even though an album might not be sonically cohesive and incorporates different genres, with a bit of thought or inventive production, an album can flow quite well and work as an actual body of work. The last time I felt no need to tinker with a tracklist was Confessions.
  16. I like the vocoder/autotune on Madonna's voice, Music and American Life are my favourite albums of hers, but on this album there are a few moments when it does sound like it was used to cover a bad vocal. For exemple, it's the same thing with Britney. On Blackout it works much better than on Femme Fatale.
  17. I'm one of those people that enjoys taking apart an album and putting it back together to see what I can come up with, always interested in what others come up with and see how it works for me. Can be fun and can give you a new appreciation for an album and even change your mind on certain tracks.
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  18. Finally enough sense
  19. I don't think Madame X needs any changes, actually.
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  20. I don’t think many people have bothered with alternate tracklists because Madonna said she put a lot of thought into the album’s story and how it flows, which was something I and some others picked up on before she even mentioned it and I thought it was maybe a cute reach – no, that was her intent all along. She was serious that it could easily be a word or an instrument or something else seemingly insignificant that takes you to the next place.
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