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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. I know some people like to try and incorporate the bonus tracks into the main album itself, and even maybe Soltera...
  2. I've added the 3 bonus tracks and Soltera to my Complete Madame X playlist, but I don't even shuffle it. The album flows perfectly as it is.
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  3. We need Toepac.
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  4. I think that's intentional, the song is sorta meant to be a kinda innocent and nostalgic longing for happier times.
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  5. Funana has slight Superstar childlike qualities but it seems much more sincere and likeable.
  6. True. It’s actually might be her best sequenced album ever (I’m talking about 13 tracks version only, 15 tracks version doesn’t flow as good with bonus cuts pasted at their respective positions).
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  7. I'm admittedly a bad gay and jumped on the Madonna train way late, starting with the MDNA era. I'd heard all ~the hits~ of course, but her album releases were never a big deal to me up to that point. I mostly fell in love at first listen of Gang Bang, and I've kept checking for her since because of those quirkier songs that don't adhere to the usual rules of pop music.

    And good Lordt, has Madame X ever delivered on that front.

    I've let the album sit for a while, and while I don't love everything she tries here, I don't think there's a single song I don't appreciate. The world vibe doesn't work for me on songs like Faz Gostoso, for example, but that it's such a consistent theme is something I find so admirable and boundary-pushing for her. It feels culturally significant in this environment we live in right now that attempts to reject diversity and globalism.

    But the just-back-from-the-madhouse vibes I get from Dark Ballet and God Control truly just send me to the moon. I said this previously about Medellin, but both of these tracks have this extraordinary ability to feel like a 3:30 song despite clocking in closer to 6 minutes. Queen of keeping me hooked despite my poor attention span. And the "Wake up" in God Control? Feels like the tagline for this whole album.

    Crave has held up remarkably well as one of her more "traditional" songs, and is surely a top-tier Madonna single for me. Listenable, packs an emotional punch, has a feature I don't hate--serve me up more of that in the next album, please.

    Batuka is not one I'm always in the mood for, but when I am it does the ace job of transporting me somewhere I feel I've never been. And that's an accomplishment with any piece of art or writing.

    Come Alive and Crazy are songs I wouldn't dream of skipping because they break up the heaviness of the album. They have a function in this album that's very intentional and how refreshing for any artist today to actually be thinking about album flow.

    Honestly, I could drone on, but all I have to say is "Bravo," really, because despite immensely enjoying Rebel Heart and mostly liking MDNA, this is the first album I've heard from her where I thought, "Oh, this is Madonna!"

    And to hell with all the fairweather Madonna queens on my Facebook feed dragging her for not bringing "the bops." They can go soul search for some taste.

  8. It wasn't just the mixing though. She turned in some genuinely horrific vocal takes on that album. That bizarrely squeaky head voice she sang Turn Up The Radio in? There are a lot of high and girlish vocals that were just supremely unflattering. Quite weird seeing as certain tracks like I Don't Give A and I Fucked Up actually had pretty solid vocals. I think the album was such a rush job that she just did one or two vocal takes in a lot of cases and nobody around her wanted to say that's not good enough.

    I've made peace with her voice being a lot thinner now and lacking power, but at least it's markedly better and richer in tone on Madame X than on MDNA.
  9. I have a feeling that just like she followed up American Life with Confessions, she'll do the same with Madame X - meaning the next album will be bops.

    Especially if Trump's defeated in 2020.
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  10. As much as I like Madam X and some of Rebel Heart, I sort of think the same about those records too. I never get the impression she spends much time on re-recording anything. She'll do a few takes and they choose the best one and slap some auto-tune on.
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  11. This was great to read. Ta bab
  12. I disagree. Confessions was a very reactionary move after American Life. She took a huge critical and commercial hit for the very first time really, and I can imagine she felt lost. I believe she's quoted as saying she didn't want to think anymore, she just wanted to dance, and thus Confessions (and Hard Candy/MDNA, in many ways) was born.

    Madame X has been pretty successful critically, and hasn't been that much less successful than Rebel Heart commercially. If anything, I think the response to this record as well as the process she went through while making it might push her to make an album that is solely her and Mirwais; a poppers o'clock dance banger album just isn't on the horizon in my opinion.
  13. RJF


    “God Control” is her most... relevant track in forever. That edge of millennial despair she touches on with the line about no hope of getting a decent job (and how that also connects to the fact we’re on a dying planet where all the people with the money and power don’t care) feels like her most effective effort in connecting with a current audience in ages. Stone cold bop also, yes, but for someone who has had her fair share of lyrical clunkers in recent years, “God Control” is full of classics.
  14. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Queen of dragging her fellow POS Baby Boomers.
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  15. True but I have a feeling mom will want to follow up this theater tour with a massive arena/stadium extravaganza.

    Either way - I'm down to whatever she'll bring. I love how confident she is again in fully experimenting and crafting what her artistry desires.
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  16. I did think this too actually but something tells me she’ll go more experimental. I suppose the world could look like a very different place in another four years. Trump could well be history by then....even if he isn’t he’ll be coming to the end of his final second term and then he’s history.
    Lola or Rocco could be a parent or married or their career could blow up. Her father is getting on, who knows where she’ll be living, she may he in love or even married again herself. That seventh child could be with her, more films etc. Her life is so rich we just don’t know what she’ll bring. I think some of her next moves will depend on how she finds this smaller scale “residential” tour.
    I personally think she’ll take an extended break and we’ll see the start of her catalogue being reissued after a successful era delivered exactly how she planned it.

    There’s been a level of discontentment in her album cycles for many many years. I think she’ll feel an extreme amount of closure and satisfaction after the Madame X era and that may reignite her fires or let her rest up a little at least.
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  17. Madame X drops to #77 this week on the Billboard 200...
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  18. Euax
  19. Is that a record of sorts? Kween
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