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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. [​IMG]

    I guess it was maybe too ahead of its time for certain people!
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  2. Yeah, it took a bit of time to make peace with Extreme Occident between Come Alive and Faz Gostoso.

    And I'm still not totally fine with it.
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  3. Not everyone is coming to the future
  4. I know everyone is fixated on charts but I'd like to see the actual revenue from sales + streams for Madame X vs. a younger artist, like say Lil Nas, who relies more on streams.
  5. Lil Nas probably reading SEX book on tumblr while rinsing Erotica, he can stay.
  6. I was just thinking about this yesterday. One of my big frustrations with American Life (I know y'all love it, I know why you do, I'm not trying to start that argument, I accept being in the minority here. BEAR WITH ME.) is that to me, it felt like, lyrically, there was a sense of grand posturing with little to say, with Hollywood being the most fully-fledged "critique," or Nobody Knows Me being the most revelatory. There's a certain ambiguity to it that, personally, I feel holds the album back from fully reaching what it aspires to. So something like God Control feels like such a progression, it demonstrates so much growth as a songwriter, and that's really an incredible thing to see so evidently from an artist on their 14th album. It's poignant, it's articulate, it's relevant, more universal, and it's just really, really awesome to see Madonna still honing in on her craft and growing as a songwriter after all this time (Not everybody has that, etc.). I mean really, is this not her most politically resonant and elaborate work since the AIDS epidemic and her work addressing it with Erotica/SEX? You just can't argue that she doesn't still have "it" or that she's run out of things to say after that. To work with the same collaborator you did almost 20 years ago, to touch on similar themes, and to still exceed that past work in nearly every way?

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  7. I don’t care about the second week in the charts. It went to No.1, it’s her best album in years, and we got a video for God Control. I’m more than satisfied.
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  8. It’s actually “Turn Up the Radio” that comes to mind when I talk about the bad mixing. The remix revealed that she doesn’t sound bad at all on it. Her voice is full, effortless and warm, to the point of sounding like an entirely different take – and I don’t even like the song.

  9. This is...a weird complaint
  10. aux


    Ah, I see the “where’s da bops” brigade has returned.
  11. Me in the mall today :

    The good sis gays doing God Controls work.
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  12. In answer to those folks: here are the “bops”:
  13. “Where’s da bops?” Medellín, God Control, Future, Crave, Crazy, Come Alive, Faz Gostoso, Bitch I’m Loca, I Don’t Search I Find, Funana, Back That Up to the Beat, Ciao Bella. There are da bops, bitches!!!

    EDIT: @Mikey1701 beat me to it.
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  14. Future a bop? Crave no bop? Ok
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  15. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    The Lil Fag X in me bought a cassette player today to listen to the tape from the boxset tonight

    Madame X is a resurrector of technologies long dead
  16. Are Funana, Back That Up to the Beat and Ciao Bella on any of the streaming services?

    Also, unrelated, anyone listen to The Immaculate Podcast? It came up when searching for Madame X on Spotify.
  17. Killers just gets stuck in my head....what a song as does Extreme Occident....I really hope we get a video for Faz and I Don't Search but I'm guessing wishful thinking....could be great to get some house remixes of I Don't Search...with more of Vogue sampled.
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  18. No, they’re exclusive to the two disc edition for now.
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  19. Her vocal in Killers really is gorgeous.
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  20. Thanks! Guess you're all better fans than me. I don't even own a CD player anymore and don't really see myself buying a two disc deluxe version just to hear them. Guess I'll live without them.
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