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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. There are definitely other, uh, ways to get them. I imported the CD from Japan for collection purposes, but it’s staying sealed, since I also don’t own a CD player anymore. I just didn’t want to download anything I enjoy and not pay for it in some way.
  2. Yes! It’s two gay BFFs in Philadelphia who are Madonna fans (one slightly more than the other). It’s great. They did one album per episode and now they’re doing one-off episodes. I’m a fan.
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  3. The bonus tracks are all still on Youtube, no?
  4. Who actually listens to music via YouTube
  5. Well, someone who wants to hear the tracks that aren't on streaming and doesn't want to buy a CD player to listen to them.

    One would assume.
  6. Going into week 3 of it's release, are there any official sales figures for the album?

    UK charts it's dropped #14 to #21 .....
  7. The unwieldiness. The awkwardness.

    I'm speaking of this conversation, of course.
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  8. Much like our usual conversations!
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  9. I love the production on Killers.
    1. Ray of Light
    2. American Life
    3. Like A Prayer
    4. Music
    5. Bedtime Stories
    6. Madame X
    7. Confessions
    8. Erotica
    9. Madonna
    10. Rebel Heart
    11. True Blue
    12. Hard Candy
    13. Like A Virgin
    14. MDNA
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  11. You're a mess.
  12. I had to do it for the kii

    1. American Life
    2. Confessions on a Dance Floor
    3. Erotica
    4. Ray of Light
    5. Madame X
    6. Like a Prayer
    7. Music
    8. Hard Candy
    9. True Blue
    10. Bedtime Stories
    11. Like a Virgin
    12. MDNA
    13. Madonna
    14. Rebel Heart
  13. The fuck
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  14. If you disagree, I encourage you to post yours.

  15. You know what's an in-fucking-credible album? Madame X. It brings the bops. It brings the ballads. It brings the gorgeousness AND the grit.
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  16. Where did the Born This Way campaign go wrong?
  17. What now?
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