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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. My vinyl and deluxe edition CD have finally arrived! Only after I had to chase the official store up for a refund and order them off of Amazon instead... but still! It's a good day.
  2. The Mirwais interview posted a few pages back is amazing, his thought process is incredible & explains the album better than any think piece could.

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  3. Honestly all this does is prove that what Madonna is doing is absolutely necessary
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  4. This type of anger and hate is unhealthy. It kinda gives me the creeps.
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  5. Mirwais sounds like a total crackpot but I live.
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  6. I wonder if Nicki and Kiley are out of the frame on this tour (after all these years)? They don't seem to be present in these rehearsal vids...
  7. This actually helps me understand the record and M's thinking much more clearly. Essential read for anyone listening to the album from start to finish. Also link to the full interview if anyone is looking for it:
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  8. The alarm at the end of Faz Gastoso taunting my buss.

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  9. I'm glad Mirwais mentioned Don't Tell Me as one of his Madonna favs. It's one of the most well-produced pop songs I've ever heard.

    Just a piece of stuttering, swooning, enveloping genius.
  10. Nicki was at Pride, and Kiley too I believe.
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  11. Don't Tell Me sounds just as good today as it did the first time I heard it. Just a beautifully produced song that hasn't aged a day. Definitely in my Top 10 Madonna singles and my favourite off of the Music album.
  12. “Don’t tell me” is her best song of XXI century. The universe still didn’t catch up with it.
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  13. Even though I'm not getting to see her on this tour, I'd love for her to show some love to Don't Tell Me and perform it. It's a song the GP seem to overlook and forget but whenever it comes on on playlists my mates all comment on how much they like it and everybody remembers the video. It's one of those M songs that even non fans like. I remember thinking just how cool the song and video were when they came out.
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  14. Apart from that Miley bullshit Don’t Tell Me hasn’t been performed in 15 years. A literal hate crime.
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  15. She did it on Rebel Heart and Tears of a Clown
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  16. Don’t Tell Me is pop excellence. Joe Henry’s original ballad version (and Lizz Wright’s subsequent cover) is great in its own right, but in Madonna and Mirwais’ hands it becomes a twisted, artfully mangled banger and statement piece that I would argue is up there with Human Nature in terms of songs in her catalogue that only get more poignant and defiant with time. It’s one of her all-time best moments and single packages - everything from the song itself to the video to the artwork is fantastic - and one of ten reasons I go to bat so feverishly for the Music album (the other nine reasons being the rest of the songs, obviously).

    I hope it becomes part of the set list for the Madame X Tour. It feels right, especially given some of the downright shitty treatment she’s gotten from critics and the media recently
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  17. You know what I mean. A proper tour number and / or a televised performance. The Guatemalan date of Rebel Heart Tour and a one off private gig in Australia is not the what she deserves.
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  18. Ma’am the Music era ended about 18 years ago
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  19. Reinvention tour babs x
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