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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. She should add Devil Pray to this tour...
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  2. Fitting for, ya know, airplanes. I’d complain if I were taking an international flight and they were playing Swim.
  3. I hate to be that girl but I do hope there’s a focus on vocals in a theatre space. I really want to see mom sing. If every track is live altered a la Eurovision ....
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  4. There definitely seems to be a focus on musicality. Live chorus, percussion, horn section and of course, Madonna's virtuoso guitar playing.
  5. I've got a feeling it's going to be half music, half a conversation. I'm intrigued.
  6. I imagine the songs that feature autotune and vocoder effects will be treated the same way live as they are on the album, and the same for the ones without, since that’s what she’s always done.
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  7. Madame X is thirsty
  8. I had a dream I was attending the Madame X Tour (and considering the prices it will probably remain one) and Madge at some point decided to lock the people in to prevent any more going away for snacks. So not too outlandish for a dream. Anywhoo, the live choir means that we're also getting Come Alive and Like A Prayer right?
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  9. True! Perhaps it's Madame X trying to tell us the setlist. Madame X is a intercom announcer.

    I Rise/Swim/Rescue Me confirmed.
  10. I’m a moron and so late but I was just rewatching the ‘God Control’ video and that first extended shot we get of her covered in blood on the floor, right before the first choir comes in? I never noticed she’s still breathing there. Covered in her and others blood, clearly dying...but still hanging on, looking around, so very aware. Like I said I’m late I’m sure it’s been discussed at length but fuck it hit me so hard just now. Like yes, it’s a music video but it really took me to the sheer terror of what that must have really been like for so many of these mass shooting victims: bloodied, fallen, but painfully, terrifyingly aware of what is happening. It’s devastating and such a poignant, powerful moment in a video already crammed full of them.
  11. I took a sip and had a dream...
  12. Side C of the album (vinyl) is so just so rich, I keep going back to it.
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  13. I’m in love with the La95 Dancefloor Legend remix of Medellín.
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  15. HOW does this album keep growing? The soundscapes, the vividness, the lyrical heft.

    I love this so much.
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  16. It'll take 10-20 years for this album to get the respect and praise it deserves.
  17. I'm deeply in love with the triple C tracks (Crave, Crazy, Come Alive). Plz perform all of them mom
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  18. No lies detected. Except I don't find 9 more reasons in Music (the definition of a 4/5 midtier career/transitional album for me) . It's between my two favorite albums of her, and that does not help dddd
  19. We count 1998-2004 as one long era in this house
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