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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. I thought my mom would hate this album because she's so unenthused about Avant-Gardonna, but she really likes it, especially Medellin and Crazy (she just kinda seems to tolerate Dark Ballet tho and thinks the rap in God Control is annoying). My brother, a rapper who is a Confessions stan, said it's fire and digs Crave and Faz Gostoso.

    Stoked that my family is onboard. It means a lot to me because they're the only ones I can really talk to Madonna with irl.
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  2. Pet Shop Boys gays’ heads found exploding
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  3. I love Looking For Mercy but it's in dire need of a middle eight.
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  4. The power in her vocal on the chorus of Looking For Mercy is one of my favorite moments on the album teebs
  5. It was on the DVD and the Miami live stream for Tears of a Clown, though. That’s probably all you’ll get.


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  6. I can only hear Looking For Mercy as a song about a mother who has lost her child in the grocery store.
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  7. Ugh, the tour is going to be amazing, isn't it?
  8. Madame X will get her.

    Or having lost her while she's recording Instagram stories in her bathroom.
  9. This tour is going to destroy us.

    Those poor ushers having to pick up all those wigs and scalps after the show.
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  10. Madonna slayed the tour game even while performing her worst album (MDNA Tour), so I have no doubt this will be next level. She's in a boundry pushing headspace.

    I listened to the album three times today and I think my biggest problem with it after the instances of clunky lyrics is that it gets less and less weird as it goes on. But I don't know how to fix that issue since the sequencing is actually really good. But from Medellin to Killers, the album is aggressively weird, and then from Crave to Extreme Occident, it's still weird but more in a quirky way (with the exception of Occident, which is as strange as anything on the album; it's so creepy sounding!), and then Faz Gostoso until the end is not really that weird at all.

    That's a small gripe, but I find myself enjoying the stretch from Faz Gostoso to end the least even though Faz Gostoso, I Don't Search I Find, and Looking For Mercy are all very strong songs, I Don't Search being among the album's very best. The extremely weird stretch of the album is by far my favorite even though it doesn't contain Extreme Occident, my second favorite song.
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  11. Also, is it just me or does Extreme Occident sound really manic to anybody else? It's a slow ballad moment, but the way she sings the verses gives me anxiety (in a good way). It almost sounds like a person trying to talk fast and the melody is weirdly stiff, making it sound very removed from what we think of as a pop ballad. And her cracked voice at the very beginning adds to the feeling of mania. Maybe that feeling is intentional because she does talk about "lucidity and craziness," which really does describe the sound: the production and vocals are crystal clear but there's something very neurotic and unsettling about the whole thing.
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  12. First rap #1 ever, "West End girls", says hi!
    Anyway, I feel bad for not affording tour tix at this point, but with the cost of getting there and staying near a venue on top of everything... this bitch gotta eat, Mom. The visuals/theatrics for MX tracks will be special, I can feel it. Hopefully she won't pull a Kate Bush and leave us without a DVD... riiiight?
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  13. They’re playing I Rise at the airport I’m at. Random but here for it.
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  14. She should add Devil Pray to this tour...
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  15. Fitting for, ya know, airplanes. I’d complain if I were taking an international flight and they were playing Swim.
  16. I hate to be that girl but I do hope there’s a focus on vocals in a theatre space. I really want to see mom sing. If every track is live altered a la Eurovision ....
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  17. There definitely seems to be a focus on musicality. Live chorus, percussion, horn section and of course, Madonna's virtuoso guitar playing.
  18. I've got a feeling it's going to be half music, half a conversation. I'm intrigued.
  19. I imagine the songs that feature autotune and vocoder effects will be treated the same way live as they are on the album, and the same for the ones without, since that’s what she’s always done.
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  20. Madame X is thirsty
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