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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. This is the second or third time I’ve heard a reference to a George Washington during rehearsals. Is sis about to roll up in presidential drag?

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  2. I'm sure the comment section is going to be overflowing idiotic "weird old lady" comments.

    She's so fun tho. I love her when she's loose and silly.
  3. 1) this tour looks amazing
    2) that iHeart radio interview was fantastic
    3) no matter how many times I listen, I can’t stop going into a full body cringe during Killers.... would anyone like a ticket to an LA date? Thanks to a milestone birthday, not only did I get tickets, but my parents gave me some too, and I don’t know if I want to go twice.
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  4. I think I missed this interview. Link, please?

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  6. That Martha Graham story is approaching "Bradley came over and we fried up some pasta and sat at the piano and I said Bradley you can really sing" levels of ubiquity.
  7. I kinda miss the days where you went into a Madonna concert not knowing what to expect. With Rebel Heart and the upcoming tour, she's kinda taking away that element of surprise by revealing so much on Insta etc. Imagine the shock of excitement you'd feel when hearing those strings on Easy Ride for the first time in the theatre!! But people know to expect it now... especially as this tour is such a big departure from previous ones, a bit of mystery would be really exciting.
  8. This
  9. It's not getting quite the praise and respect it deserves, but I'm actually glad that it has done well critically despite being as divisive and experimental as American Life.
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  10. That's only true for the first concert of the tour, maybe the first 2 or 3, but I'm going in January and there's no way I can avoid seeing a setlist until then. You'd have to go way way way back for the time you could go to a concert without knowing a thing.
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  11. Yeah in this day and age it's hard to avoid knowing exactly how a show goes. I miss those days of just complete ignorance about what was going to happen. I'd still prefer not to be able to go into a concert and not know exactly what the setlist was and where in the show and to what songs I'll be taking a toilet break before the show even starts.
    I can only imagine the excitement people felt in Drowned World Tour experiencing that opening 1-2 punch of Drowned World/Substitute For Love into Impressive Instant... or the sheer awe of seeing that mirrored disco cross rise up during the Confessions tour. If those tours were now, we'd probably know all about it.
    I've been to many tours over the last few years that have been a complete surprise setlist/aesthetic wise and even then I wasn't really even actively avoiding spoilers.
    I'm just imagining how I'd feel going into this tour not knowing half the setlist already and what the aesthetics or theatrical aspects and vibe of it all are. I'm sure there will be plenty of surprises of course... just not as many as there could be or could have been.
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  12. One of my most exciting memories as a kid was stood outside Wembley Stadium queuing to get in hours before doors. The air and excitement of hearing her sound check certain songs from outside of the walls of the stadium. Endless rumours going around the queue.
    “She’s lowered in from the ceiling”
    “There are four stages around the arena”
    “The show opens with Words”
    “There’s a cougar on stage”
    “Vanilla ice is performing with her”
    “Naomi Campbell and the supermodels are coming out during Vogue”

    We were so frickin hyped and knew nothing before that first Girlie Show.
    There was one girl dressed identically as long ponytail Express Yourself Blond Ambition Madge. She looked just like her in the face and everything. Teeny Buttons was gaggy for ha.
    None of the above were true but we were still left arses gaping. I remember not wanting to leave the stadium when she’d gone. Searching amongst the littered floor for the remains of my puss.
  13. I am also glad it has done well critically even though some publications did their best to drag it (and her) to hell.
    But to be honest I don’t think it’s as experimental as American Life, even though there are a handful of songs on Madame X which do not have typical pop song structures & lyrics. American Life was way more in your face and daring, especially coming off the previous eras which were hugely successful.
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  14. You can always unfollow her socials and not reading tour posts in here?
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  15. Well aren't you full of wisdom today! You know, not once did that thought ever cross my mind! So Thank You!
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  16. I do agree that American Life was more daring for its time (especially since Madonna doesn't really have anything to lose by doing an experimental record in 2019) and Madame X does have a greater amount of traditional pop songs on it, but I think the weirdest and most experimental stuff on Madame X feels a bit more radical.
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  17. You’re welcome!
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  18. I can imagine the GP fuming sitting through all of DWT and only getting La Isla Bonita and Holiday.
  19. Nobody was fuming because her concerts were greatly missed. Everyone was bopping to Candy Perfume Girl and Mer Girl.
  20. You didn't read or miss the outrage of people complaining "BUT WHERE ARE THE HITS?!"
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