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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. I don’t remember, I wasn’t posting on forums back then. But I remember that the press and most of the people I knew praised the show.
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  2. Drowned World Tour laid the first brick at "Where Are The Bopps?"
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  3. The album really does get better with each listen. Her and Springsteen dropped records on the same day and they've quickly become my two favorite albums of the year. King and Queen of always delivering. I'm genuinely mesmerized by the run of Medellin/Dark Ballet/God Control. The fact that she's pulling off a run of tracks as creative, catchy, unique, and meaningful this far into her career continues to just send me. She's so fucking special. Crave remains one of my favorites, as well, and one of the best singles of the year. Even the stuff I didn't initially love (Crazy, Come Alive) has grown on me a ton. I Don't Search I Find remains a scalp-tugger. Future, I Rise, and Killers are really the only 3 I don't go back to much, but I don't skip them when I play the full album - it works incredibly as a whole.
  4. Why anyone would skip Killers is a mystery to me. I get that the lyrics are special and all but the melody during the chorus (or, well, the chorus itself) is probably the best bit of the whole album.
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  5. The opening sounds of Killers and the instrumental break (used in the album trailer) is what I feel represents the album perfectly along with the standard cover.
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  6. The Tears of a Clown music on her stories...

    Guess we’re getting jokes after all

  7. I would love a ticket for an LA date...if still avail? Whatever the reimburse.
  8. Megatron (Deluxe Edition)
  9. Madame X is IT
  10. Fun fact:
    20 years ago, Madonna and Ricky collabed on Cuidado Con Mi Corazon on his English debut
    and now, she’s collabed with Maluma, the “new Ricky Martin”
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  11. This honestly felt inevitable
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  12. Killers is my favourite. On good speakers the song sounds so layered, lush and moving.

    He's the "new Ricky Martin" because he's also a Spanish speaker? Their musical styles are quite different.
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  13. Holy shit, I'm so old.
  14. Dumb question but is the Madame X cassette version the standard version of the album?
  15. Are you really going to listen to it either way
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  16. Yes, I collect and listen to cassettes.
  17. Collecting them I get, I guess. What are you gaining out of the cassette-listening experience? Genuinely curious.
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  18. I have a cassette player that sounds great. I like the nostalgic factor (most of my Madonna listening experiences up until Erotica were on cassette). It's a nice throwback, I guess.
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  19. The version in the boxset has 13 tracks. The other releases are the 15-track deluxe. Don't believe there's an 18-track version with the bonuses.
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  20. “Sometimes...”

    Echoes through my head constantly throughout the day. I’d probably go mad if I didn’t love the song so much.
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