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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. Madonna absolutely dragging her haters on Insta

  2. Does anyone recognize the keyboard melody from a past song? It sounds so familiar but I absolutely cannot put my finger on it.
  3. edit: ok Def. wasn't what I mentioned but damn
    Haven't heard it for a long time but it was the first thing on my mind.

    Really not sure but it tinkles something from the past
  4. Has Madame X fell out of the Billboard Top 200 albums?
  5. Masterpiece?
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  6. Yeah, it's definitely Masterpiece. I'm surprised and also unsurprised she's rehearsing it for this tour
  7. Maybe she likes the song!
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  8. Ok but that arrangement sounds beautiful
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  9. I mean, yeah. I do too, but I wasn't sure we'd ever hear a song from MDNA on tour again for some reason.
  10. Wait. They are also the chords to Time Stood Still?
  11. And, randomly, this

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  12. Sorry, but at this point who gives a shit?
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  13. Queen snapped. That silly, harmless video sure garnered a lot of nasty comments. A lot from other women, sadly but not surprisingly.
  14. You mean the new Billboard Top 200 which includes a big chunk of steaming? Yes.
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  15. I don't know if steaming is a typo or not, but I like it.
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  16. qEAWi5C.gif
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  17. I really wish I Rise hadn't been released as a promo single... I've always loved M's album closers, they've been some of the strongest tracks on previous albums... Secret Garden, Mer Girl, Gone, Easy Ride, Voices, Falling Free... if there's one thing Madonna knows how to do, it's end an album! But I can't help but feel like, for me personally, I Rise lost its full power released out of context as part of the album. To me, Looking For Mercy is integral to it! It's like telling only half the story... I think the song would be alot more popular if it had of been kept back as part of the album listening experience. By giving away the ending of the album so soon to people, it kinda diluted the impact of the album journey because...we know how it ends. I really do think I Rise would be one of the standout tracks to many people if they had heard it for the first time in context.
    And yes... I know... I could have just not listened to it until the album came out, as some people may point out... but we all know how near next to impossible that is when you have new M music after we've all just endured a 4 year drought!
  18. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I'm finally re-watching "God Control" and I guess I'm ready for tears again. I've been avoiding this but I know that I need to. One of the things that gets me is one of my previous partners lost his boyfriend at Pulse. He's a great friend of mine now, but it drives it home that our world, our network is so interconnected. It hurts.
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