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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. Even when she posted about songs while rehearsing Rebel Heart, only one of them was cut out of what had been mentioned on her social media. If anything is changed then it’s probably something we don’t already know about.
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  2. If she's going to include Rescue Me, I am wondering how she's going to pull off that growling in the end of the song. Her vocal in that Like A Prayer rehearsal video is far from perfect.
  3. Uh, she sounds great?
  4. Keeping my fingers crossed for Girl Gone Wild.

    It’s only been performed on one tour so it’s due a comeback.
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  5. Do you mean Hold tight or something else
  6. She never posted about “Hold Tight” on Instagram

    She was originally meant to perform a mash up of “Justify My Love” and “Whole Lotta Love” inspired by this mix

    These are all the songs she posted about during Rebel Heart rehearsals for anyone interested in that

    Whole Lotta Love
    Justify My Love
    Dress You Up
    True Blue
    Deeper and Deeper
    Who’s That Girl
    Body Shop
    Love Don’t Live Here Anymore
    Devil Pray
    La Isla Bonita
    Into the Groove
    Like a Virgin
    Unapologetic Bitch
    Holy Water
    Living for Love
    Lucky Star
    Between the Bars
    La vie en rose
    Bitch I’m Madonna
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  7. She posted MUCH less rehearsal content last time too though? So it’s not necessarily an accurate comparison. Equally she’s probably not sat there going “nah I won’t post this Easy Ride snippet cos 20 people will be FURIOUS if we end up cutting it for running time/flow/cos something doesn’t work out logistically once we’re actually into technical rehearsals/etc”
  8. Do we know she's actually doing it?

    EDIT: whoops just saw Instagram.
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  9. Not really? In terms of footage, yes, because she didn’t have a team of people running her social media back then. But she virtually gave away the entire setlist just as she’s doing now. Chances of her cutting anything at this stage are very slim – that’s what the “workshop” is for, and we’re well beyond that point.
  10. That’s inaccurate - the vast majority of pop shows (and indeed most theatre shows) have things cut in technical & dress rehearsals for absolutely understandable reasons, and they’re not at that stage yet. While we don’t know if the whole “they cut a Tank Girl section” thing on RH is true, we know concretely about cuts from Kylie, Britney, Girls Aloud & many more shows over the years, usually at a late stage and generally for logistical/running time reasons that didn’t become clear til they were properly *running* the show, which is still a way off.

    Meanwhile the fact we definitely know Hold Tight was indeed rehearsed then cut but wasn’t one of her hashtags, surely underlines social media is only a partial glimpse? It’s presumably just blind luck/coincidence it wasn’t spoilered? Or do you imagine Madge secretly intended to cut that song all along?
  11. I actually do, since we know the tour was postponed for “technical” reasons early on, and then we found out she cut the entire Tank Girl closing section and replaced it with the 20s theme. And it just so happens that all of those songs were never posted about. And we know from various leaks and such over the years that Madonna’s shows don’t change much, if at all, between workshop and opening night. Other artists might cut songs in rehearsals but there are songs that we know have been considered that don’t even make it that far, and we have all the audio to prove it.
  12. What songs did that Tank Girl section have? I don't remember anything except that Bitch I'm Madonna was supposed to be the last song
  13. Does anyone have the info about this "Tank Girl" section that was cut? Tried googling about it the other day and couldn't find anything at all.

    I find it funny how Madonna Tours have some crazy concepts that sadly never happen due technical issues.
    This is lowkey incredible and whoever thought of it... wow

    Dying for the first Madame X show. Haven't been anxious for a show like this in a long time
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  14. It allegedly included

    Between the Bars
    Nothing Really Matters
    Love Profusion
    Causing a Commotion

    Madonna apparently made major changes to the show because she felt it was too heavy off the back of MDNA, and she wanted something more loose and uplifting
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  15. I've read before that this mashup (or at least Impressive Instant) was also tried for the last section of the MDNA tour
  16. Um - the rehearsal footage we have of Hold Tight clearly shows it was going to be in Act 1 of the show? (The cage is still onstage in the footage and the drum arrangement seems to correspond with the whole samurai battle vibe). The whole “lost Tank Girl segment” has always sounded like fanwank anyway and I can’t recall any rock solid sources for it.

    I expect Hold Tight was cut purely as that first section (with its slightly weird morph and semi-costume-change into the more Catholic chunk for Holy Water & Devil Pray which feels really like it should have been its own act) was just running far too long.

    Imagining that Madge wasn’t social media-ing song titles cos she wasn’t fully sure about them and wanted to cut them all along slightly verges on conspiracy theorism. As you say elsewhere- she tends to know what she wants from a show - and she certainly doesn’t believe in wasting money, so why would she have allowed the dancers & choreographers to waste time setting the number (as it wasn’t a tiny performance?) Surely it’s rather more likely it’s just a big old coincidence/blind luck that she didn’t instagram it?

    In any case over the years rehearsal materials and apparently legitimate accounts have shown us eg Burning Up/Impressive Instant cut; Mer Girl footage originally set to Skin; Amazing cut to piss off WBR; the lost SEX interlude; Nothing Fails outro to Drowned World cut, Everybody on roller skates cut & replaced with La Isla; Borderline cut & replaced with easier to play Material Girl etc - and all changes made quite late by all accounts? So frankly who knows! However we were all recently sat around waiting for an album called Magic with a glitter lips cover due to her Instagram so it feels sensible to expect surprises, and to also know that with ANY live show, nothing is guaranteed until after the dress rehearsal!
  17. I mean I’ve done the leg work. Harassed her on Twitter, Instagram, her live chat feeds, the mash up leak. I’ve done all I can. If it gets cut or she does an acoustic Forna version I’m gonna throw myself off my porch.
  18. This doesn’t make sense, considering she added more after the fact. As mentioned, M wanted the show to be looser, which tracks with pretty much everything she’s been saying for the past 5 years, right down to the very existence of the current tour – so we ended up with a show that was far less conceptual than she initially planned. And her own stylist posted about Tank Girl several times during rehearsals and specifically said there was a section featuring costumes inspired by it.

    Anyway, back to my original point. I don’t see her posting about anything that she intends to cut or bring out as a surprise. You can bring up as many other pop stars you want, but, hun, this is Madonna.
  19. Where’s Candy Shoppe?
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  20. She’s been spoiling costumes on her stories, more of that George Washington theme we keep hearing her talk about in the rehearsal clips


    Now all I can picture is “Rescue Me” like

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