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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. What I don't understand - I know a lot of ladies in the 40's who seem to be indifferent or quite narky and rude towards Madonna? Why? Women hating on other women I find bizarre. Why don't women in their 40's celebrate a woman in her 60's who's been pushing the envelope and making their lives easier (really!!??) for many many years.
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  2. Without meaning to sound too stann-y, Madonna has always lived her life with an utter disregard for rules and social conventions and I think a lot of people are threatened by that instead of being liberated by it. Especially women.
  3. Do we think the physical bonus tracks will ever make it to streaming?

    How long was it before the Rebel Heart bonus ep was out on streaming?
  4. The Rebel Heart EP was released about a month after the album. I don’t see the Madame X bonus tracks going to streaming.
  5. iTunes says a month later than the album
  6. I thought it was quite soon after the album dropped. Ah well. We shall see!
  7. Wait what happened?
  8. But will Madge hold your hair when you puke though?
  9. She’d put her high heeled foot on your back and dig in the heel.
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  10. Pretty much all the remixes got rid of Gonzales voice anyway so it's not really much of an issue, except the Tracy Young remix, which even slows it down, dragging it out. I haven't let the incident taint the track though, BUT, it would have been nice had Gonzales seen the good in Madonna's message, instead of posting lots of incorrect assumptions.
  11. Don’t get too excited sis, I was asking Maggie.

    I know what you wanna do to me.

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  12. I just heard @RJF stir from across the pond.

  13. Oh that’s cute. Scream at an “I Rise” set because of course
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  14. Just when you think the Eurovision debacle is done with...........she's gotta regret doing this now.
  15. An event promotor contracted a local company to reportedly do some work and they allegedly didn't pay. Madonna is not personally involved, it's lazy journalism.
  16. I know Madonna isn't being sued personally, its just that there's so much 'bad joojoo' surrounding that Eurovision performance.
  17. RJF


    I give up with these hoes
  18. Did anyone catch the IG clip that had alternate Killers lyrics? She says Palestine instead of Israel... which obviously would have made a lot more sense.
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  19. I don't really need the special edition bonus tracks for Madame X to go to streaming. I think they're pretty weak. Ciao Bella is the strongest of the three but even it sounds really dusty compared to the forward-thinking proper album.
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  20. I’d swap Ciao Bella and Bitch I’m Loca, other than that the album is perfect.
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