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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. Bitch, I'm Loca is definitely the least interesting song on Madame X proper, but I think it's better than Ciao Bella. It has more personality and doesn't sound dated.
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  2. The bonuses are cute sentimental experiments.
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  3. I really enjoyed the 3 bonus songs.
  4. This album still contains the boldest pop music of the year. Don't @ me.
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  5. It’s all splitting hairs really, for me the album and the bonus tracks are all brilliant.
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  6. This part of the interview should be essential viewing for anyone writing about Madame X, press and fans alike:

    Around the 32min mark.

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  7. LP


    Scream! I whipped out the Dignity In The Workplace policy during morning tea the other day on the basis of ageism and sexism last week due to the horrendous comments being made about Madonna. Not surprisingly all comments made by women.
  8. The tea was well and truly served.
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  9. The album doesn't need either of those. Bitch I'm Loca stands out.
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  10. I need this Tracey Young remix of Crave to leak so we know what we’re dealing with on the tour.
  11. They have leaked. The radio mix, club mix and dub.
  12. Hope they are released this Friday!
  13. I properly adore ciao bella. Top three for me. The sebastian manuel extended remix on Soundcloud is the shit.
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  14. Tracy's Crave remix is so good. Love re-appropriated violin stabs from I Rise. It would be a nice follow up to Medellín. But hey, it's worthy of another Dance Club #1.
  15. Not this forum coming for “Bitch, I’m Loca” which is one of the most enjoyable songs off the album. SMH
  16. I've only managed to get through Batuka once ddd
  17. 'Killers Who Are Partying' is still my favourite. I know lyrically it's a bit on the nose, but it's so good.
  18. Ciao Bella makes me feel...happy. Put it on streaming, fat.
  19. Funana is the best Madame X song.
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  20. I actually genuinely like Back That Up To The Beat.
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