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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. (Atomic) Blond Ambition.
  2. LoveSpent was actually on the original bonus disc tracklist before it was amended. I do think they used to make it so some quality stuff was on the bonus disc so fans would be compelled to pay the xtra of buy both but streaming has put pay to that as the deluxe has de facto become the standard and the standard has become supermarket moms fodder. The super deluxe is now the old bonus edition really.
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  3. Madame X is a bargain

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  4. Remember when we preordered.
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  5. I saw a massive stack of unsold Madame X CDs at Target the other day and kii'd to myself. Bad stan.
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  6. Scared to ask total sales.
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  7. She sold out at my Target not long after release so...slay!
  8. Currently 78 but my friend Julie said she's gonna pick a copy up so say 79
    MNEK could ever.
  9. Jaw-droppingly gorgeous
  10. I heard somewhere between 450-500K

    Which for a 61yo pop star who's been in the pop business almost 40 years - not bad numbers.
  11. Sis. Do you mean 45 - 50K
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  12. Huh?
    Blond moment.
    We ARE talking about M X album yes?
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  13. Never thought I'd see Madonna in the bargain bins so quickly after release but it's been a trend since MDNA.
  14. It's just the reality of her in 2019.

    She's not a big seller anymore.
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  15. Just discovered this. Gorgeous.
  16. Pretty much. Her decreased sales literally give me zero anxiety nowadays. I'm just thankful that she's not in artistic decline. Quite the opposite. The Madame X era is peak Madonna creativity and inventiveness.
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  17. Exactly. She could churn out 'The Great American Songbook' and top the charts. I'm more than happy with what we've got instead.
  18. Love this. Wouldn’t hate if M brought her on board for the next album, whenever that comes

  19. Wait, who the hell is that??
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