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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. Already deleted, whatever it was dd
  2. It was a post for World AIDS Day. The caption was really lovely but her formatting was wonky so that’s probably why she deleted it nn
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  3. It’s back (she also changed one of the photos for some reason)

    I always get choked up specifically when I see photos of her with Martin.
  4. God, I just...adore her. And I will fight anyone who ever doubts her commitment to LGBTQ+ allyship.
  5. I remember digging up quotes from Andy Warhol’s diaries to show someone because they didn’t believe some of the stuff she said during her GLAAD speech earlier this year
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  6. You are my inspiration whenever somebody I know tries to drag her. Just last week somebody at work piped up with the old "she stole Vogue from the Gays and culturally appropriated it". I brought out some receipts and his face... he was left speechless. So worth it.
  7. Oh yeah, that’s the most annoying one. Of course not all people within the ballroom community will feel the same, and they’re entitled to that. However, it’s usually people that aren’t involved in the scene whatsoever that have the most to say as a means to simply hate on her.
  8. Really hope Interscope release the 12" vinyl of I Don't Search to celebrate her 50th...the I Rise 12" vinyl sounded so good on my turntable this weekend.
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  9. Dark Ballet is still one of my favourite pop moments of 2019 - it’s such an absurd, bonkers and weird four minutes of music that never fails to stop me in my tracks.
  10. Its video is EASILY my favourite of 2019.
  11. Also, the gays technically stole Madonna from the wannabes and culturally appropriated her, so it’s swings and roundabouts!

    I miss the wannabes...

    Madonna took a movement created by some of the most disenfranchised people on Earth and said “this is special.” Celebrities weren’t exactly falling over themselves to speak out for the gays in the late 80s and early 90s.

    People are entitled to their dubious opinions about Madonna but back when I was a baby gay she was the only person on the planet who made me feel... okay... with who I was. If other people don’t feel the same way fine, but they don’t speak on behalf of everyone.

    And for the record, Madonna can steal anything she likes from me. Dance moves I’ve invented... my Japanese Star Wars figures... my sealed Sex book...
  12. As I said on a previous page, the amount of content we’ve gotten out of this era is amazing. This video (not counting the few frames of older footage here and there) just proves it.
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  13. RJF


    I find the period of the AIDS crisis a fascinating time in Madonna’s... well, not even career, but life. I feel like we’ve only really ever had brief peeks into it either through abstract references from Madonna herself, or from others who were there and in her presence and we get to here about random little acts of kindness, or camaraderie, or pain. I got a wee shiver when I saw her post yesterday. It's always a bit of a shock to be reminded how long she's been out here doing her thing, and how much of her thing has been for the community.

    I always lean into mum's music a little more this time of year because it's a whole universe of endless treasures in a period that I always find... hard (I had a biT of a wobble today and Confessions Tour is legitimately out here healing folk.) so I've been listening to her a lot recently, and returning to this album a lot more as a consequence. I feel like she's going off for a long, long time once this tour wraps up, so I'm happy that we've had such a wealth of treats to enjoy this year to make the wait until she returns to us a little easier.
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  14. It’s because of this alone that I don’t just get annoyed but outright irate at fans who have the audacity to sneer at or downplay this era as a whole. I was hoping that she’d be even more engaged and refreshed with the next era as she was during Rebel Heart, and she’s more than accomplished that with Madame X. This is the most active and frankly present she’s been in an album campaign in about a decade-plus, and people don’t have to like everything but they had better damn well appreciate it.
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  15. Very this energy
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  16. Medellin is my song of the year. For a Madonna lead single in 2019 to bring me ever increasing joy with every repeat listen...? I wouldn't have bet money on it.

    I realised we got like 6 videos for this album and a tour that's not even done yet (please, knee, hold out until my London date). She's said and done so much on her terms this era I reckon like @RJF that she'll be away from music for a long time. And I reckon this is the start of a new live phase for her. Whatever the next tour looks like it will be easier on her physically and scheduling wise. And that's fine. She's earned it.
  17. RJF


    Madame X is a whoreA WHORE feels like it was yesterday.
  18. I love you sis x
  19. Colour me surprised that Medellin ended up being my most played song in 2019 on Spotify.......
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