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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. Mine too! Madame X really snapped.
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  2. I like that Madame X wasn’t afraid to experiment. Not all of those experiments work but she tried and even brought her funky accordion.
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  4. Do you like accordions and fado though?
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  5. 2019 Billboard Year End Charts

    Adult Contemporary
    32 Crave - Madonna & Swae Lee

    Dance Club Artists
    5. Madonna

    Dance Club Songs
    27. Medellin
    31. I Rise

    Latin Digital Song Sales
    17. Medellin

    Latin Pop Digital Song Sales
    5. Medellin

    Latin Rhythm Digital Song Sales
    14. Medellin
  6. USA
    BB Dance Club Songs
    Issue 12/14
    #27 Crave
    #55 I don´t search I find (NE)
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  7. I think Madame X might be my favourite big pop girl (yes she's still one of them shut up) album of the decade. It's got everything I could possibly have wanted from a pop album and a few things I didn't even know I wanted. I even see a lot of my own personality in it with its kinda...darkly optimistic mood.
  8. Finally...

    enough love
  9. I. LOVE. THIS!!!!!
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  10. I love this! Perfect for my workout playlist and love how it works so well!
  11. I'm getting Goodbye To Innocence/Fever feels from these.
  12. Not that I'm over I Don't Search I Find, but this remix has given the song a whole new lease of life.
  13. I want her to work with Honey on original material so badly
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  14. WAIT.
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  15. Same!
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  16. Nah, I'm with you. The mixes are fine. That's it.
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  17. It reminds me of the extended 12” mixes she used to have, that were slightly augmented but essentially a longer ~Xperience. The fact that we’ve had two of those this era (the other being LA95’s remix of Medellín) for the first time since...Confessions, probably, is pretty nice.

    If we get one for God Control I’ll plotz.
  18. I hadn’t heard the LA95 remix. Thank you.


    This is now one of my favourite lyrics of the year: “I took a trip, it set me free
    Forgave myself for being me”
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  19. She really went for the dance remixes this era.

    She knew she could make a real dent in the BB dance charts.
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  20. Girlfriend should release a Madame X remix album, I need all these mixes on cd/vinyl. The I Don’t Search remixes are AMAZING. Very 1992/1993, very Up Down Suite!
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