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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. Legit. That prechorus is heaven
  2. Oh
    google lied to me several times
  3. Madame X getting some love from Slant Magazine.
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  4. I’m loving the slew of remixes (even if the Dijon Mustard ones all sound the same) but sis, where is the insta Future remix from months ago?
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  5. That one is really similar to the version she does on tour, so I think that’s all it was.
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  6. Ma’am
  7. The biggest way Madame X improves on Rebel Heart is that the tracks are given so much more room to breathe. The songs on Rebel Heart feel more compressed whereas they feel more expansive on Madame X. This struck me while I was listening to I Don't Search I Find today.
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  8. Also, I can't overstate how much better I Rise works in context. It's a perfect closer, a genuinely beautiful song, and a good example of an empowerment anthem that's not corny.

    The song that has probably grown the least for me is Looking For Mercy. It's haunting and gorgeous and I actually like the chorus. But it sounds like they didn't know what to do with it at the end. It's the only song on the album that sounds a tad unfinished.
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  9. I'm finally just getting around to listening to this and what the HELL is Dark Ballet? I can't stand her ljksdfklsdklf.
  10. Have you watched the video yet? It’s one of her best in years
  11. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    ‘Crave’ might be one of the most melodic songs of her career. Every time I hear it I’m swept up in the melancholy. It deserved so much more.
  12. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - if Madonna’s name wasn’t attached it would’ve been a massive summer hit. The public did Crave so dirty.
  13. I haven't. This album came out during a really bad time for me & I checked out of everything so I'm only now catching up with it all. I only heard Medellin & Crave so I'm going in blind basically nn. Ready for M to run the rest of my December.
  14. Oh sis you are in for a treat. This era has been one of her most creatively fruitful ever. Still can’t believe we have SIX videos from one Madonna album in 2019
  15. RJF


    And are you gagged?
  16. After listening to the album yet again, my main criticism remains the same. It's excellent throughout, but it feels a bit frontloaded to me. Not to the extent Confessions was and it's not necessarily frontloaded quality-wise because some of the best songs come later (Extreme Occident and I Don't Search I Find in particular). But I feel it's very frontloaded in terms of how daring the songs are. Medellin through Killers is probably the most inventive stretch of music in her career. After that, things get more normal, though Come Alive is extremely quirky and Extreme Occident is as weird and unique as anything from the first stretch. But Faz Gostoso to the end remains my least favorite part of the album because it feels the most straightforward. The songs are still great to excellent, but I wonder what could have been if the album just kept getting crazier and crazier.
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  17. There’s nothing wrong with the more straightforward tracks though - in fact I’d say Crave-Crazy-Come Alive is needed for the sake of a breather after how dark and heavy the run of songs from Dark Ballet to Killers is. Faz Gostoso also knocks, so
  18. I...


    Easily one of her best albums. It really baffles me that she still has a league of crusty stans yelling "WE WANT CONFESSIONS BACK! SHE'S EMBARRASSING HERSELF!" when she's delivering albums like this so far into her career. What a woman.
  19. Still a bit sad we never got a video for Future, but we’ve been spoiled this era so it’s no big deal
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  20. Visuals. Interviews. Videos(challenging ones). A mini movie that gives lore to the Madame x project. A range of experimental sounds. A house throwback that also sounds modern. A trap gospel song that defies classification even as I write those clumsy words. Lyrics that you could read with no music and say that’s a pure Madonna song.

    Madame X
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