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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. Not saying that there's anything wrong with the more straightforward tracks (and I'd argue Come Alive is pretty weird). They are excellent. I just can't help wonder what the experience would have been like if she kept pushing the envelope more and more. It's not actually a realistic expectation, but my mind can't help but ponder it.
  2. Her Instagram game this era has also been on point.

    We genuinely don’t deserve her
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  3. I think Medellin holds up as one of my favorite singles of the year. What a fun, quirky bop.
  4. I unapologetically think Madame X is stronger than Confessions. To be fair, I liked Rebel Heart better than Confessions as well, but it was more of a "I like it better but that doesn't mean it's actually better" kind of way. I think Madame X is superior with no caveats attached. In every way, Madame X is simply doing more. Sometimes I even flirt with the idea that Madame X is better than American Life, but I'm not completely sure about that one. Sonically Madame X certainly more interesting and I don't see how anybody can deny that Mirwais's production is more multi-dimensional than it used to be, but American Life feels a bit more confident in its aesthetic decisions and there's no lyrical disaster on the level of Killers.
  5. I feel like Madame X is also very confident, unapologetically. It's front loaded with darkness and experimentation and you can just tell Madonna gave zero sh*ts how this would be perceived. It honestly feels like the truest thing she has committed herself to in a long time and I adore it. It's like, she made the album SHE wanted to make and said "here you go, if you don't like it, bye".
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  6. Medellin might actually be the favorite to beat all (album and other artists') favorites here.
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  7. The Honey Dijon remixes of I Don't Search are so simple yet so them so much, hope we get more and hope we get a Madame X remix album, I love this era so much I don't want it to end.
  8. I actually can’t stand Dark Ballet. That it’s track two is a real emeffer.
    That melody is a dud.
  9. I adore it. But I also don't think it's as daring as they believe it to be. It was a wasted opportunity as the different sections could've been explored more and made into an epic 10 minute suite or something?
  10. I've always thought it was a tad too short too. She could've done a bit more with it, but I love it nonetheless.
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  11. When Dark Ballet was released as a stand alone track, I felt it was too short, so many changes and not enough time to enjoy those sections. But, when listening to the song within the album, the length is actually fine.
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  12. You seem fixated with the concept of experimentation, almost for the sake of it. Not a criticism, I just think whatever unconventional ideas should be in the service of the song and what she's trying to say, not just done for complexity's sake otherwise it just becomes hollow and pointless.
  13. I think it’s just really misplaced as track two.
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  15. This Ultimately,’Madame X’ represented an eclectic, masterful new phase that stood tall amid her inimitable back catalogue.
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  17. The album really deserves recognition. I might not like all the songs in it, in fact I actually don’t like those that are often praised like extreme occident, dark ballet and well...killers. Nevertheless I will take any day a imperfect album but bold and that display the crystal clear vision of the author over coherence and slickness. The album sits so much better in her discography then her recents outputs (bar rebel) to the point that makes me feel excited for what she might be occupied with next
  18. It’s really hard for me to say how this album ranks compared to her previous work, as it’s probably the only one I can’t just dip in and out of listening. Apart from Crave, the album really needs to be listened to as a whole. Mama wasn’t lying when she said it wasn’t background music.
  19. Spotify keeps recommending me The Immaculate Podcast. I’m interested, but has anyone listened/can attest to it being any good?
  20. I’ve listened to every episode and in my opinion it’s very informative and highly addictive, although one of the hosts gets a bit of criticism for his occasional singing and also being closer to the mic than the other host, he can be a bit shrilly. Other than that it’s a very enjoyable Podcast series.
    They basically dig deep into each album era, where Madonna was at in her life, between album era’s, the producers, recording sessions, each single release, video, chart information, critical response, track by track discussion and the tours.
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