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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. He gets them for free sis.

    Like Madonna his lyrics ddd.
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  2. My favourite Madonna remix ever is William Orbit’s mix of Erotica. It just goes off in all the right ways to the point where I probably listen to it more than the original.
  3. C'mon baby
    we can phuccc all day
  4. ain't that
    "C'mon baby
    you can phuccc with me

    from his Justify My Love remix hen?
  5. Four more remixes for “I don’t search I find”
    A new batch of four promo remixes for I Don’t Search I Find has been released. It includes three brand new versions by Endor, and a new dub from Craig Cs, who already had three remixes in last week’s pack.

    I Don’t Search I Find moves up from No. 22 to 15 on Billboard’s Dance Club Songs (issue date 01/18). It also made its debut on the Hot Dance Electronic Songs chart at No. 40 last week (issue date 01/11).

    The new remixes included in the promo pack are:

    • I Don’t Search I Find – Craig Cs Found Dub (7:40)
    • I Don’t Search I Find – Endor Remix (5:30)
    • I Don’t Search I Find – Endor Instrumental (5:30)
    • I Don’t Search I Find – Endor Edit (3:01)
  6. Casey is such an insufferable dickhead, Christ.

    *stares wistfully at my special edition copy of #1*
  7. Suddenly I can't hear
  8. I think Craig Cs Vocal remix might be the one.
  9. Crave is such a fantastic song.
  10. Well said! The Confessions era was Madonna at her peak and I doubt she’ll reach this height again. Everything from the concept, music, videos, staging, tour, art direction, remixes, media interviews, promotion. Perfect.
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  11. This era has been pretty great too, at least considering the artwork and the amount of singles and music videos. Although I did think the only properly great videos were "Crave" and "Batuka". I loved the Amazon documentary too, it was refreshing just seeing her talk about her music for a change. The tour I'd rather not discuss.
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  12. Speaking of Confessions, I still can't work out how the demo versions of 'Super Pop' sound more polished and epic, than the final version.
  13. The original Confessions album was a lot more energetic overall. The initial Get Together/History/Super Pop sequence comes dangerously close to fully scalping
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  14. Wait, what was the original album?
  15. Super Pop is alright as a novelty but would have dragged Confessions down completely. It's inane lyrically, and while I Love New York is in the same territory, the production absolutely sells it. Plus it's only one instance of poor/dodgy lyricism whereas coupled with one or two more tracks of similar quality... and Confessions wouldn't have been the masterpiece it is.

    I like History (in whatever incarnation) a fair amount, but don't mind it's exclusion either.
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  16. A version of the album she turned in before overhauling and ~streamlining the production. They were also testing out the non-stop sequencing at this point.

    The track listing was:

    Hung Up
    Future Lovers
    I Love New York
    How High*
    Let It Will Be
    Forbidden Love
    Get Together*
    Super Pop*
    Like It Or Not

    * - different production
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  17. There's something very drugged out about Confessions. Something about the whole project feels submerged or other worldly.
  18. The version of “Super Pop” that was meant to be included is way different than what we ended up with in the end – it’s very similar to “I Love New York”

  19. Found it, I can't believe to this day there's still so much I'm discovering from her.
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  20. aux


    I'm still so happy about this era. It really turned out perfectly, and I wouldn't change a single thing. We got fed with excellent singles, multiple music videos, a brilliant and challenging album, a different tour. Madonna truly is the Queen of Pop.
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