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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. I don't agree with this at all. I find Medellin much more interesting.
  2. Medellin is the perfect first single to lead the album, it didnt chart high because we dont deserve her. The only thing I would change about Medellin is the video's lenght, its way too long, the long intro isnt necessary, otherwise its all on point, amazing visuals for an amazing song.
    God Control should had been the second single, its amazing too! The video is great but its 3 minutes too long for me.
  3. I am not a fan of videos which are unnecessarily long and spread out to 6+ minutes for no reason but I don’t think this applies to Medellin or God Control.
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  4. good for her
  5. Just so we're all on the same page, Medellín is the perfect lead single, the best song on Madame X even with some fierce contenders, and also the best song of 2019.
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  6. I'm happy to see all this love for Crave. It's slowly becoming my most played track ever according to my stats and it's definitely cemented as one of my favourite Madonna songs of all time. There's just something so melancholic and heartbreaking about it masked in that baddie beat. I wish we had a physical release for it in some form.

    I can't gush about this song enough.
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  7. Crave is angelic, the melody wasn't instant upon first listen, but it soon enough blossomed into a beautiful career highlight.
  8. I love Crave. I think it's one of Madonna's best singles because to me it sounds like classic Madonna, much like when I heard Secret or Frozen.

    If it had been the lead single, I doubt it would have done any better which is a shame because like Ghosttown, it's a Madonna song that should have been a number one or top 5 smash.

    I haven't seen the tour but I can't mask disappointment that this is not being performed closer to its original incarnation. I don't mind the Tracy Young remix but the original is perfection.
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  9. I think even just starting with the original version and building up to the remix would have been really good as a finale performance. It was the only part of the show that felt off to me – it just doesn’t really translate going from such a somber performance of “Future” to that.
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  10. Okay, let's get two things straight.
    1st: Both Medellin and Crave are 11/10 songs and that's that.
    2nd: The campaign for the album was done perfectly. It just didn't have the attention it deserved.
  11. I had no idea about this. It's a much better version of the song and more aligned with the general sound of Confessions. The version which was released is pretty inessential and always feels out of place as a bonus track, but this one would certainly fit in and feel part of the album.
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  13. “Super Pop” lowkey deserved a video that was the spiritual sequel to “Music”. Something over the top and fun.
  14. If there was any song in the Confessions era that was actually made for the "weenie roll" hair, it was that one.
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  15. Superpop is really awkward.
  16. I used to think it was utterly clunky but I just listened to it for the first time in about a decade and surprisingly it doesn't feel as cringeworthy as it used to, I guess there have been worse offenders since.

    The chorus of History (Land Of The Free) still lifts off! That's how you do a proper pop chorus. Ok, the lyrics overall could be less cringy but the good overshines the bad here.

    Also Fighting Spirit is a nice bonus, always liked that one. Very new wave, a genre she should visit more often.
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  17. Fighting Spirit has always been a slog to get through. It doesn't really go anywhere, and kinda just exists. History (Land of the Free) and demo 3 of Super Pop are brilliant, however.
  18. When it comes to Madame X, at least most of the fan base can agree the album is pure Madonna, creating exactly what she wanted to create, giving zero f**ks in the meantime how it would be perceived, it's part of the charm of the experience.
    When I hear those initial "1,2, Cha Cha Cha" I immediately know I'm about to begin a journey inside Madonna's heart & mind.
    The GP or the casual fan may not have been interested in Madame X, but the majority of the fan base can agree it's a stellar album that will age wonderfully with time.
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  19. I’ve been honest that my view of this album and era was not positive. Whilst recognising and giving credit to Madonna for doing something different and following her artistic instinct, for me the songs just didn’t click with my taste.

    However, with a quiet release schedule for new music I like recently I decided to give the album another chance and I’m pleased to say at last I get it! So, for completist reasons and also my final realisation that I like a lot of the album I ordered a physical copy.

    Maybe my “stan” days are over for Madonna or maybe her next move will delight, but I look forward to whatever comes next now she has rediscovered her creative mojo!
  20. Every time I listen to Medellin I just think the world didn't deserve it.


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