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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. Limping For Love had potential but sadly it was not a return to form. The album however was fantastic.
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  2. I think we all did. I remember it being listed as Madonna ft. Alicia Keys on those fan upload audio videos! Scream.
  3. Yeah, everyone thought it was Alicia because we knew they had been in the studio together and Guy Oseary even thanked her for being on the track. He had to later clarify it was just her on piano.
  4. Madame X to me is a far superior album to Rebel Heart...I like Rebel Heart but it's not my favorite...I really think Madame X could be my favorite album or at least in my top 3 of her discography.
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  5. With Madame X, when I start playing Medellin, I've just committed to a journey and I get lost in it, a truly spectacular album. Rebel Heart is good, but bloated, I refuse to trim it down, because somehow, every song is essential in some strange way, but they don't necessarily blend well together, but this could be due to the random mastering issues.
  6. Absolutely. You *know* there's a good 12-track album in there, but messing with the album's undisciplined sprawl feels slightly blasphemous, like you're altering its character in an unnatural way.
  7. I’ve fallen down a Confessions on a Dancefloor rabbit hole the last few days. What joy.
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  8. Oh definitely, this exactly. Even the 14 track standard edition feels tampered.
  9. Leaving the title track off the standard edition was...a choice that was made.
  10. The reason I refuse to ever listen to this edition. Rebel Heart is the perfect album closer.
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  11. Rebel Heart is fantastic. Messy, but it's filled to the brim with solid pop songs. It's her ~mixtape~ moment.
  12. I'm no Alicia super stan but I knew it wasn't her vocal. She has a very particular voice and that just wasn't on Living For Love.
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  13. RJF


    Just say the backing singer on “Living For Love” isn’t struggling.
  14. Rebel Heart sounds messy because we know she wanted to do a double album, but bloody interscope refused. I believe the version of Living For Love she wanted to include on the album is the Stripped Down version that was going to be included as a bonus with the acoustic Joan, the different mix of Iconic and Queen. All those songs were actually included at a the time of the listening session. I still don’t get why Queen wasn’t at least a japanese bonus.
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  15. Is the alternate version of Living for Love anywhere to stream? I'm curious if it fixes the issues I have with the album version.
  16. Limping for Love. The alternative title for the Madame X Tour.
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  18. Just popping in to say I legitimately adore Rebel Heart, and would put it in my Madonna Top 5 most days. I don't dislike a single track across the super deluxe edition. I know its overlong and unnecessary but I really just love it. It covers so much ground that I just love how invigorated she must have been while making it.
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  19. This is actually good?
  20. This is the one she wanted on the album apparently, but because everything that leaked was mislabeled and she was reading comments about which versions fans preferred, a different one was included instead. Same thing happened with “Bitch I’m Madonna” nn

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