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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. Where was the mess? When she announced the lead single and album at the same time? When we got heaps of pre release and an album in a reasonable time period? When the album actually exceeded our expectations and even surpassed Rebel Heart in quality? When we got like 5+ music videos? When Madonna was giving us an amazing Billboard performance with holograms? When Madonna was firing ag all cylinders giving us art, music, social commentary, and lerks?

    I’ll give anyone the tour issues but that was something beyond anyone’s control. But Madame X has been everything but a mess. It’s been a revelation.
  2. Same. When she first posted that trailer for ‘Madame X’ I was hoping that she’d truly explore the personas on tour. I didn’t dislike the tour but parts of it were a little disappointing for me, however I saw a cut down show, so perhaps that changed my view on it.
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  3. The only real misstep of the era was Eurovision, which she just should not have done... for several reasons. Other than that, it was perfect.
  4. bUt aUtOcHoOn!!!1
  5. Entirely this - the only part of the project that didn’t work (in my opinion) was the opportunity to transcend those of us with stellar taste and reach the basic gays who wanted an Immaculate Collection tour and nothing else - it’s so unfortunate that Eurovision was such a disaster - and was again entirely out of her control... literally everything else about Madame X is 100 times superior to anything any other artist has given us at this stage of their career...
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  6. One final note - it’s extra exciting to think that Madonna has even better projects to come... blows my mind...
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  7. So much mess? Where?
  8. I enjoy the brutal honesty of Madonna fans.

    I think we get that from her!
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  9. RJF


    The mess... from her soldiering through a tour injured in her sixties? GTFO.
  10. I’ve noticed this weird thing with Madonna fans lately where they seem to believe that because the tour got somewhat rocky at points it means the whole era was like that, blatantly not true and highkey extremely myopic and melodramatic. If anything Madame X has solidified my respect and admiration for this woman and how much of a fighter she has been and continues to be in so many ways.
  11. On my Popjustice?
  12. For me the mess was the marketing strategy for the album. For fans like us that write on forums it was great to be drip fed so many remixes, videos etc but the music just didn't cross over at all to casual fans. Which is a shame because I do think the music was top notch and could have cemented the next phase of her music career.
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    Casual Madonna fans in 2020 want a Spotify 80s playlist. They don’t even know she still releases new music.
  14. I really don't think she made the album for casual fans, though. Like, the inclusion of Maluma and Swae seems to be the most commercial move here. The rest is pretty batshit crazy.
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  15. As much as I want this tour to end so she can finally heal that knee injury, I’m also a little sad that the Madame X era is pretty much wrapped from 11th March.
    I’ve truly enjoyed everything this era (bar Eurovision), Madonna draughts always feel a bit empty, especially with the gaps getting bigger and bigger. But at least we’ve still got the tour DVD to look forward to.
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  16. Her best era in 15 years, no shade. Definitely her most interesting work since American Life. This was the "she's still got it" moment I'd been waiting for.
  17. The era as a whole has had its rocky moments for me, but the album itself felt like a brilliantly bizarre return to form, and it’s given us her best visuals since “American Life” for me.
  18. Unless she becomes the female Rod Stewart, either covering standards or her own damn back catalogue backed by some orchestra while performing in a respectful pant suit, then the music isn't going to cross over to casual fans no matter what she does.
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  19. I agree.
    I didn't connect with all of the songs - but a few of them are a bit bonkers - and good on her for making kooky/not typical Madonna music in her 60's - Rebel Heart to me was very commercial and exactly what the record company would have loved - MX was not - few songs aside - Madonna was just jamming and doing her own thing.
  20. I agree. It felt like her first album in a while that was made just for herself and the pre-existing fans rather than trying to cater to the general public.

    It really is one of her most accomplished albums. I’d be tempted to put it in her Top 5. There’s something about it - which I haven’t quite managed to put my finger on - which reminds me so strongly of classic Madonna albums like True Blue, Erotica, Bedtime Stories, Ray Of Light, American Life, Confessions. Madame X just feels like she fits next to those albums. It’s part of that collection. There’s just been something about Madonna’s confidence and demeanour which reminds me of those times. She’s driven and acutely focused and knew exactly and precisely what she wanted the album to be. There’s thematic cohesion. Every track fits and every track contributes to the narrative. I don’t want to shit on Hard Candy, Rebel Heart or MDNA cos they’ve all got great tracks in there, but they didn’t feel the same as this one does. They felt a bit like she was second guessing herself and trying to be something rather than becoming it naturally. With Madame X, it felt like she didn’t give a fuck in the best possible way. She made the album for herself and her influence and mind and creativity can be felt in the very nervous system of the album. I can’t quite say the same for the previous three.

    Basically I fucking love this album. It’s a complicated, bonkers, profound experience listening to Madame X. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.
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