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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. Perhaps something even more bonkers and bizarre, and I’d totally be here for it.
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  2. Casual fans were never going to embrace this album. Most of the songs, particularly Dark Ballet, God Control, Killers, Extreme Occident, Batuka, are just so far outside what people who casually listen to Madonna or casually listen to music in general want to hear. For that reason, the album was only ever going to resonate with a very particular kind of listener, a very patient and open minded listener. And that's okay. I really don't understand the mindset that all music should chase GP approval.
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  3. Especially because if she had done that the same fans would be upset she didn't "set trends instead of follow them" or whatever but that's none of my business
  4. Also, I think a lot of casual listeners like seamlessly pleasurable listening experiences and Madame X almost goes out of its way to disrupt that with the weird sonic and structural shifts, the use of very esoteric soundscapes, the slightly dissonant vocal effects, the jagged song structures, the relative irrelevance of hooks, and the foregrounding of repetition. Which is why I think the "artists are here to disturb the peace" James Baldwin quote was perfect for the tour. She's disrupting the musical peace in a sense. And although I think Madame X contains some of her most beautiful music, particularly the instrumentals, the album seems so uninterested in hitting pop pleasure centers. Hence the "the only song I like is Crave" posts that sometimes crop up.
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  5. This endless Catch-22 she's in is the perfect justification for her thinking, "Fuck it. I'm making music for an audience of myself."
  6. Madame X is one of the Women of the Year.

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  7. I want her to do some Instagram Lives from her bed when this tour is over. No more bathroom/bathtub.

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  8. Nice but why use a picture from 1987 for the 1989 cover when they could've used some iconic frame from the Like A Prayer or Express Yourself videos?
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  9. I don’t believe there is a marketing strategy that would’ve made these songs cross over to casual fans or the general population. The drip feed of singles and videos is just... how everyone does it these days. It is unfortunate that most of the UK GP will associate the era with Eurovision and Graham Norton but otherwise it felt her most modern and well-planned campaign of the streaming era by far. It was never going to lead to hit singles, and that’s ok.
  10. The lack of live performances on TV shows probably did the album no favours. The Billboard performance of Medellin was brilliant but Eurovision was such a chore. Then again, doing more performances could have impacted the tour further due to her injuries.
  11. I mean, there’s also fuck all going on programming wise in the spring/summer. BBMAs is pretty much it as far as US goes and Eurovision... well, I imagine she wouldn’t have done it if there were any equal in terms of exposure.
  12. The only thing missing from the Madame X promo was an acoustic performance of Crave when she went to Fallon.
  13. With Faz Gostoso, Medellin, Crave and God Control you have a very strong line up of singles that would have had more impact in a concentrated campaign for the album.
  14. Crave for me really is an outstanding single in every way from the music to the video to the remixes.
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  15. "Come to Brazil!!!"

    "I won't go to Brazil if you all won't shut up!"
  16. Same. I thought the videos would tie in together with each of the personas hinted at in the album shoots. I was hoping for the spy to be used in "I Don't Search, I Find" which was used on tour for Vogue and its following performance. The backdrops has more footage we have yet to see. Always wondered about the blue large dress and head piece, the Handmaid's Tale look.
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  17. Same. That was actually the look that I was most intrigued by when I first saw the clip. I always thought it suited "Killers Who Are Partying" very much.
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  18. Fixed. I thought not having singles performed was something I’d only have to go through as a Britney fan, but I fear Crave may suffer the same fate as Rescue Me.
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  19. Well she basically only did Fallon and Graham Norton, so it's not like there were many options for a performance. And I loved her look on Fallon so I wish that was the show wih a Crave performance.
  20. I now consider Medellin to be one of the best songs Madonna ever recorded and I keep going back to it. The melodies make me feel nostalgic, and the summery vibes of the song are so pleasing to my ears!
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