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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. Bedtime Stories promo!

    Oh - take me back!
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  2. Medellin got the most promo and it didn't do shit as far as the GP is concerned. Crave showed some signs of life, but it was hardly lighting up the charts either.

    Also, God Control is easily one of the least accessible songs on the album.
  3. Without airplay no Madonna song will 'light up the charts' - that ship has sailed.
  4. I think they meant that these should have been the only songs to get any kind of promo (so no I Rise or Future preview tracks, performances etc) so that they directed all their attention on the songs with the most potential as singles.
  5. As much as I’d love her to score a hit in this chapter of her career I loved the campaign we got for the variety it offered up and for having an eye on what fans would enjoy.

    A hit won’t come out of meticulously planned PR campaign (or not just that).
  6. Not to mention it kept us fed up until the album was released. Or else we would have had an onslaught of "Why is Madonna and Oseary waiting so long to release the second single after Medellin flopped?" posts.
  7. Would be great if she releases a Madame X remix album...wondering whether a Greatest Hits is on the cards or whether a tour album/tour doc release is what the focus will be now it's done.
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  8. Been listening to I Don't Search I Find (DJLW Remix) nonstop for a few days now and it makes me feel so... confident(?). It goes through the roof in all it's basic glory. It's such a rush from 1:50 to 2:40 with the piano build up while repeating "I don't search I find." It feels so decisive. Demanding.
    The original track always felt a bit... weak\redux of what it could really be. It's cool but feels very "auto pilot" or something. And I scream every time I remember I thought it was going to be "~the ballad" when we got the titles from that board pic.

    A remix album this time around would feel pretty epic. They got some really good material from the remixes EPs and so on. Would be cute as a little thing to keep fans busy while the Tour DVD is being edited. And while on topic about the era ending, it feels amazing that this was the "first" era I managed to peek close and see everything unfolding in real time. And it was amazing. From the announcement, to the singles, videos, the album and then the Tour. Madame X is a really great Popstar.
  9. So if the tour is done what does he mean by its not over yet?
  10. Probably the tour DVD, which he directed
  11. She's getting some comments on Youtube about the Eurovision performance predicting the coronavirus

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  12. Damn it, they got to Ma too.
  13. That video is doctored. I Rise didn’t become the gay anthem she hoped for, so she’s now pushing it as the pandemic anthem. Sickening Queen.
  14. She’s the latest to fall victim to it. Katy also posted it with Roar playing (which at least was more feasible).
  15. I never saw I Rise as an exclusively gay anthem. The lyrics are very general. The original video included all kinds of protests and social movements.
  16. Question: did any of you have expectations of any particular song on Madame X just based on the song title, that the song itself didn't meet or match up with?
  17. I expected a song like God Control (lived up to my idea of the song and so much more) and a song like Killers Who Are Partying... that has better lyrics.
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  18. It’s a more general statement, but Madonna herself said she wrote it for Stonewall’s 50th and hoped it would become an anthem at Pride.
  19. Come Alive. For some reason, I thought it would be more of a banger instead of the whimsical heavenly sounding thing that we got.
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  20. 'I Don't Search I Find' I thought was going to be a plodding Messiah-style piano ballad with recycled lyrics about moons and lights.
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