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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. Her instagram team (basically that guy who films her ddd) is young and Lola would definitely count as what you said but when you're in the bubble with her...
  2. She’s surrounded by several people who are young and very aware of current politics, etc. but considering they all basically live with her and follow her around the world, they’re just going to get sucked into the same mindset of ~we’re all one, everyone love each other~

    Although she did mention that nobody in the house is amused by her dd
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  3. And when did that happen?
  4. aux


  5. She called Rocco the N word, not David. Whew, she’d never bounce back if that happened.
  6. That's what I was saying. This would be it for me as well.
  7. Either way, she used a word she had no business using, which is ultimately the point being made. We could get into specifics and whatnot all day. Although I guess something like saying she called her black son the n word should be corrected, even if it doesn’t necessarily make the situation any better.
  8. Yes, but let's not spread false information here. Calling your white son this is dumb to say the least, but calling her "adopted African son" this paints her in a whole different light.
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  9. I feel like I'm further and further from her with each passing day, which is a sad realization.
  10. My bad, I could've sworn it was David, but I guess I'm glad she called her white son the N word instead!
  11. Meaning well goes a long way with me. At least she means well. She's tone-deaf and completely removed from real life, but I'm pretty sure she hasn't giving up on being curious and willing to learn.

    Still my mom.
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  12. She definitely hasn’t. Just the way Madame X was marketed and how she was willing to take herself out of the spotlight and give it to artists like Mykki Blanco to tell the story of Joan of Arc and relating that story to other minority groups because she knew that wasn’t her struggle, or how she put a lot of focus on the Batukadierias. I’m not sure that would have happened 10-15 years ago. She just needs someone to sit her down and let her know the score, really. She has her stumbles, but she’s not so ignorant that she’s unwilling to learn and grow from it.
  13. Yes she is dumb and tone-deaf sometimes but what's more annoying is that again people only focus on her stupidity, meanwhile something like this, which is eerie and extremely relevant gets ignored. But then again people are dying and the world is under lockdown so it's hard to really get too worked up over it. shrug.gif

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  14. Is it really that hard to edit your original post so it doesn't paint her as someone who's adopting kids from Africa and then calling them racial slurs? No one's making excuses for her, as far as I can see.
  15. I mean, people can read the conversation that follows, and the post has already been quoted by three people. I'm sure Mom will be fine. My point is that these blunders are part and parcel.
  16. That's one of my favourite songs on the album though and I'm not sure of the "dressing down" it got as she did sing it on tour and it was beautiful. That said, some of the lyrics are on the nose and she needs to work with some good songwriters again, people who can edit her lyrics re: Ray of Light.
  17. I keep imagining Rupaul saying this right after 'I'm sorry my dear...'/
  18. It seems to have become a lot of fans favourite song on the album, but on initial release the reaction to the song was quite negative, on here too, the lyrics were considered problematic. She changed some lyrics on the Madame X tour which fans were pleased about.
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  19. It was on the front page of CNN for 36 hours! I know we're not supposed to care, but it's not the best feeling to see something like that.
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