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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. Am I wrong to be getting the impression that Caresse was the only person on any kind of ball when it came to this sort of thing (giving special commemorative treatment to her legacy)?
  2. She was the driving force behind the 20th anniversary boxset, yeah. Madonna was totally on board as well, obviously, but a project that large needed someone like Caresse, since Madonna was also busy being the biggest pop star on earth.
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  3. Gosh, well the 40th anniversary is just around the corner. Not to be dramatic, but I would do the work for free.
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  4. My bad I mismatched the dates
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  5. For those who - like me - haven't listened to the second batch of I Don't Search I Find mixes, they've now appeared on streaming.

  6. The Kue remix is really great

  7. Kue remix is exactly what I want from 2020 Madonna, especially when shut up indoors. Still hoping waiting and praying to the goddesses that she gets the God Control remixes out soon. C'mon M luv, you can do it.
  8. I imagine the “God Control” mixes are tied up with the lawsuit from Casey Spooner
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  9. Chris Cox is far and away the best for me. The piano breakdown is gorgeous, and I like how the overall sound calls to mind the club mixes he did for her with Barry Harris as Thunderpuss while still sounding fresh and current.
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  10. i hate gays
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  11. The Kue and the Chris Cox mixes are both amazing! These are my fave remixes of hers in... forever? (Although I did really like the LA95 Remix of Medellin too.)
  12. I found the Honey Dijon mixes incredibly dull so had no hope for these but they’re decent, Kue especially, and some of the others are fine for a gym playlist or two.

    This super slow roll out is actually helping keep the era feeling alive for me. Give us God Control remixes in 6 months!
  13. Once again, these remixes are fire, she really served this era with the remixes.
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  14. I know I'm new here, so I'm not quite sure if this has ever been discussed. But, what I find absolutely genius about "God Control" is to me there is a blatant sample of the Bee Gees "You Should Be Dancing" - and the "juxtaposition" of that with the highly sensitive subject matter of the song. And she's right, we should be dancing. And it lends itself well for a bit of inspiration in these times. Leave it to Madonna to be ahead of the game again and create an anthem for the revolution.
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  15. Really glad we got another fine era from Madge.

    Good music, videos, remixes.

    I think "Medellín" was a poor choice of single - no doubt they were hoping the Maluma feature would help things out commercially, but I'm of the strong opinion that certain kinds of artists (established ones, primarily) benefit more from making a strong opening statement for a new era than trying to peddle a milquetoast, middle of the road, "palatable", "commercial", "radio-ready" choice, most of which ultimately flop and flounder anyway. There were better songs on here for her to stick a young male feature artist on and peddle on radio and TV, if need be.
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  16. I still think Medellín was a great lead single choice, and it feels like the opposite of a middle of the road/palatable/commercial/radio-ready choice.

    It's not like Madonna's core audience were pining for a song like that in 2019, the safe option didn't even exist on the album we got - the closest would probably be Crave.
  17. “Medellín” was a great lead. Can’t imagine the era without that dreamy intro taking us into the world of Madame X
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  18. "Medellin" grew on me. It took 20-30 listens and then it clicked for me. The rest of the album is great but definitely wasn't going to do anything commercial radio wise, etc.
  19. If I am not wrong, Madonna signed a three album deal with Interscope, so I guess Madame X marks the end of the contract. I wonder what will be her next step. Is she gonna sign to another major label? Is she going to be an independent artist with some sort of distribution deal? Also, what direction will she take for her next album?
    She is indeed Madame X (mysterious and forever switching identities).
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