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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. It's the full show.
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  2. I'm really looking forward to seeing this. I want the opportunity to relive the show without the distraction of the awful row infront of me, who ruined the evening.

    Also, with the stress of the original show I had booked, being cancelled as I was on the train to london, rebooking, then the long wait to curtain up and finally relaxing when she was on the stage. It was definitely a mixture of emotions with this tour! Lol

    I love the album though so I'm happy it's going to get a second chance to shine with this doc.
  3. I think I've been listening (and appreciating) this album more in the last few weeks than I did at the time it was released. It's also the perfect album to listen to when walking in the sun.
  4. So...I just came across this stunning mix of Come Alive. Blended with Danny L Harle's Broken Flowers (Kane West Remix) and with a sample from The Whistle Song. I'm actually floored, it's sooo pretty.

    Honestly...why have we not gotten Club Madame X! This record should've had a remix album.

  5. Come Alive should have really been a single. It's the most immediate song of the album after Medellin for me.
  6. Agreed.
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  7. The outro of Come Alive is gay rights.
  8. Agreed too, it was my immediate album favourite, and judging from the tour performance she’s very fond of it as well.
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  9. Yeah that definitely came across in the show I went to.
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  10. The costuming was beautiful for Come ALive.
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  11. Thank Goddess. It would HURT me if it wasn't the full show. I can't wait for the DVD to come out.

    I haven't listened to this album for awhile, but it's still one of my faves. Long before the album came out, somebody said the album was an innovative take on world music. I kind of assumed they were exaggerating the way people always exaggerate. But nah, they were completely right and the album turned out to be more innovative that I would have ever dreamed it would be.
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  12. I love the atmosphere and mood of this, but it seems like the vocal track is very out of sync with the music. That's the problem I have with a lot of remixes.
  13. I believe this the first time I see this!

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  14. Oh yeah this was for the thing she did with Apple. Nice to see an upscale since we only had a video that was posted on Instagram before.
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  15. Would be cool if she released another single when the concert film eventually comes out.
  16. May have started manifesting the Break My Soul remix four years ago?
  17. After subsiding from my Break My Soul [Queens Remix] high… she can’t beat this… unless… Part 2 contains Ms Tina Turner [officially retired] brought back to collaborate!? The heterosexuals will wild out like we did tonight…
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  18. Apologies, the above was intended to be in the Beyoncé thread!
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