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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. Looks like they’re back at Jungle City Studios in New York. I think the last time they were there was right after the Met Gala.
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  2. Not going to dig too deep into politics here or Anitta as it'd be off-topic, but just wanted to make a brief comment here. Things aren't always so black and white or simple as presented over and over again here on Popjustice when someone wants to make some pseudo-political commentary. Frankly, I am no fan of Anitta (apart from a couple of ok songs) and her working with Madonna... well we have to see how that will turn out... and as for Bolsonaro, well, quite a character (to put it very mildly), but we are talking about a country that just had one of the greatest corruption scandals ever, some of the highest crime rates on the planet and extreme inequality (and this is a country that has been runned by leftists for decades), so yeah... things aren't always so simple and the fact that people voted for this guy or supported him could be based on many other factors and not necessarily on his stances on gays or women for instance, you know not everything is about identity politics for many people out there struggling or seeing issues in their societies. I am gay myself, so don't get me wrong here, I saw some of his statements and they were really off-putting to say the least, but there are many other important topics out there and if more or less all politicians are corrupt and milking the state and the people while saying they are "leftist caring for the poor" and the country is one of the most dangerous ones on the planet, even more so than some that are at war (if you don't have the cash to lock yourself in a heavily guarded gated community that is), then maybe... just maybe... someone could try to see the complexity here and not from their own "safe bubble" since I'm pretty sure that many that voted for him or supported aren't necessarily bad evil people... people are just fed up with the situation and try out something different for a change.
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  3. It wouldn’t surprise me if M just...doesn’t know about what Anitta has said in the past - she’s been vocally against Bolsonaro on Instagram anyway and the way she is, I doubt she’d let that slide with Anitta, even privately. And I mean, she do be known to have a few problematic collaborations regardless - Mike Tyson anyone?

    Her Instagram post also makes it sound like they just happened to run into each other at the studio rather than deliberately doing a session together so there’s that. We’ll see I guess
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  4. I want the damn album.
  5. That would be the most exciting rumored collaboration so far.
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  6. Anitta’s post is a bit more upfront that they were working on something. She also posted photos of her in the recording booth. They’re definitely both at Jungle City, too – I can tell by the window in their photo together.
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  7. I love how the selfie was supposed to be about the two of them together but Madonna just centered it on herself. It looks like Anitta is trying very hard to squeeze herself in.

    It will all be fine. Madonna's albums will always be about herself. She is in charge.
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  8. If she works with Mykki and the resulting verse(s) is as good as Femmebot and the Out of My Head remix...wig pre-emptively flew. We need another moment as iconic as “SELF CARE, LITTLE BITCH”
  9. Runned by leftists for decades? It was run for a little over a decade, and has been run by right wing (also extremely corrupt) politicians for the past 2 years. Before that, it was either run by right wing politicians or it was under a military dictatorship.

    Brazils democracy is barely 30 years old.

    Theres no excuse for a president that openly and proudly supports torture, says that if he had a gay son hed beat him until he became straight, openly against trans people, sexist and racist.

    Yes, corruption is bad. But a president that supports facism is far worse.

    Brazils also the country with the highest LGBTQ murder rate in the world. And with a president unleashing this rhetoric, it will only get worse.

    So no. All of this is unacceptable.

    If you’re looking to learn more about it, John Oliver did a great segment on it that explains in a nutshell why Bolsonaro almost makes Trump look like a liberal.

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  10. And Maluma liked this Anitta and M photo
  11. More photos with Anitta and Mike Dean on M’s Instagram stories
  12. Oh I’d be happy with a Maluma feature. He’s gotta get his shirt off in the video though.
  13. The thing with Anitta is that besides being problematic there's nothing groundbreaking about her. She will release anything that could be a hit.
  14. As I’ve said before, it’s not like M’s collaboration standards are exactly strictly limited to groundbreaking musical acts.
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  15. It doesn't stop me from having an opinion about this, you know, as a Madonna fan.
  16. ...I never said you couldn’t have an opinion, I was just offering a counterpoint, but werk
  17. Whew the testiness!
  18. I'm not going to judge anything until I hear it.
    But didn't she just say a few months ago that she was tired of the guest features and formulaic pop music?
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