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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. Maybe she went to Lisbon to take David back for his christmas break. I doubt she will stay in Lisbon for Christmas.
  2. Screaming at Madonna being that straight woman that sets her two gay friends up.
  3. He is very talented and yes he is on the album.
  4. Okay, so... Here's some info I got from someone apparently in the know that I am allowed to share. I am not able to cross reference or verify this information, but I have no reason to suspect that this person isn't telling the truth. It makes for some interesting talking points and something for us all to discuss during the holidays:
    • Do not expect anything in 2018.
    • Official info will begin to be shared little by little in the first weeks of January.
    • At the moment the definitive track listing is not done yet.
    • She really put her heart and soul into this album. No fillers here
    • Maluma & Madonna is definately happening!
    • "Killers" is indeed a killer track.
    • She didn't play it safe. She took risks musically and he really means RISKS. Some of the tracks people will be like "WOW, what is that?!" At first listen. Of course a couple of tracks are less innovative, more commercial. But even those are top notch.
    • Some tracks you can't compare to any other music out there really, at least not that he knows of.
    • The only thing is that it's not a very cohesive album as a whole. But the tracks are so out of this world that you couldn't care less about cohesiveness. but according to him, the album is not messy (as he thinks "Rebel Heart" was).
    • It's no secret that there will be Latino influences on the album so to a certain extent people who love tracks like "Spanish Lesson" will be happy. But of course the Latino tracks do not sound like "Spanish Lesson". They are way better. The influences on this album are incredible.
    • In his opinion, this is her best album since COADF.
    Don't shoot the messenger...
  5. LTG


    This person’s opinion invalidated.
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  6. Champagne Rosé confirmed as album template then.
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    This woman will be 80 and we will still be hearing this after every single album release, won’t we?
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  8. The_Vixen_No_Too_Vague.gif
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  9. At least it’s not Ray of Light
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  10. I never listen to these so-called "in the know" people. Their musical knowledge/references always seems utter shit or nonexistent.
  11. I'm surprised the dusty stans who resent any music M's released since the 90s use Spanish Lesson as a reference point for "latin music" in her discography when Pray For Spanish Eyes and La Isla Bonita are right there?
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  12. "Killers is KILLER" "the latin influence on the album is very latin" "the album is very experimental but also not experimental"

    I love insiders.
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  13. The information might not be earthshattering at this point, but what we can at the very least take away from this information is the general enthusiasm about the new material. Also, with this news drought I'll gladly take positive information over nagging and bickering fans, right?! Ps, again, don't shoot the messenger!
  14. I just... Don't believe it because there's nothing substantial there to believe. It just vaguely reiterates the buzz terms that have been flying around for months. Her enthusiasm with the material has been palpable on her social media anyway.
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  15. Again, I share what I can. Only time will tell if this information turns out to be true. At this point in time I have no reason to believe this source has any reason to not tell the truth. If there is nothing substantial enough for you to believe, it might be more fun to just be jazzed about the positivity instead of being negative about it, right? That is not meant as a dig btw, at all!
  16. Yeah, it is essentially in line with what we’ve heard so far and contains no new (or real) information — but if it is true, it confirms the album is what I’m hoping for. I just don’t want to get excited until things start happening!
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  17. Britney is such a stan <3
  18. I'm confused about this whole Latino influences ordeal.
  19. I think it boils down to people not knowing the difference between Hispanic, Latinx, Spanish and Portuguese, etc. and calling it all Latino. I would imagine there'll be no "Spanish Lesson"... I'm under the impression that there's mostly Portuguese (fado) and Cape Verdean / north African (batuque, funana, some of the musicians she worked with in Portugal are immigrants, and Lisbon's music scene seems to be influenced by that community), and then a couple Latinx recording artists in the form of Anitta (Brazil) and Maluma (Colombia).
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  20. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    It's the same cycle as "Madonna works with a black person = hip-hop."
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